Friday, September 8, 2017

Saturday #Review - Hell or High Water (Gemini #3) by Hailey Edwards

Series: Gemini # 3
Format: Kindle, 246 pages
Release Date: July 30, 2016
Publisher: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Camille Ellis has gone rogue agent, and there’s no turning back now. The conclave might have put the Charybdis case to bed, but Cam isn’t willing to let it lie. No badge doesn’t mean no backup these days.

As mate to an alpha warg, she has access to new and lethal resources. A whole pack full of them. And they all want justice for the sins committed against them.

But the stakes are higher than she knows, the secrets exposed darker than she feared, and the cost of winning higher than she ever imagined. 

Hell or High Water, by author Hailey Edwards, is the third and final installment in the Gemini trilogy. Hell or High Water begins right where Head Above Water left off. Camille Ellis’ search for changeling Harlow Bevans and diabolical killer Charybdis continues. There are some important developments. First, her aunt Dot and cousin Isaac have gone missing. The presumption is that they have been taken by Charybdis drives Cam to pursue every angle and possibility, which leads her to some interesting twists.

Cam doesn't have many allies after being suspended by the Earth Conclave for her actions in the first installment. But, what she does have is a Warg pact called Lorimar, a new mate in Cord Graeson, and friends like Dell Preston who stick with her like glue. The pack dynamics is hard for someone who was born Fae to understand. Yet, Cam isn't afraid of learning as she goes, and making an effort to be part of something that could have major implications for her own future. 

Cam finally learns secrets that her family and the conclave have been keeping from her for years. Secrets that perhaps should have been revealed a whole lot sooner. I'm not a fan of parents who intentionally abandon their own children after something bad happens. Regret leads to resolution and even more shocking news. Not a fan of the Conclave either. Especially not after Cam gave her all to them for years, and got nothing in return. She also learns why she was targeted by Charybdis, the Fae serial killer she's been chasing throughout the series.

This story isn't all that long at 246 pages. But it is action packed. While Cam is hunting for Harlow and Charybdis, he is jumping from person to person, and sending shock waves through everyone that Cam has ever known. Including her own parents who she hasn't seen in a long while. We also get our first introduction to Cam's cousin Theo. Theo and Cam have a long history of animosity, and Isaac's disappearance doesn't exactly calm Theo down. One of the things that has impressed me about this trilogy is Cam's growth. As a Gemini, Cam's powers have grown exponentially since we first met her. She can now hold her own, and is finally able to deal with her fear of water that has frightened her since her sister died. Once again, Thierry makes an appearance. One could say that Thierry is the one thing that binds all these series, plus Dell's trilogy together. 

If you're not aware, this story actually continues into Dell Preston's trilogy which is being called Lorimar Pack. I like Dell, so her story should be pretty entertaining.

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