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Tuesday #Review - Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff #Thrillers #Suspense

Series: The Huntress/FBI Thrillers # 3
Format: Paperback, 391 pages
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Source: Publisher
Genre: Fiction \ Thrillers \ Suspense

The hunt for mass murderer Cara Lindstrom is over. FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke has been working for this moment: the capture of a killer who savagely hunts the worst of humanity. But Roarke remains traumatized by his own near-death at the hands of the serial killer who slaughtered Cara’s family…and haunted by the enigmatic woman who saved his life.
Then the sixteen-year-old prostitute who witnessed Cara’s most recent murder goes missing, and suddenly pimps are turning up dead on the streets of San Francisco, killed with an MO eerily similar to Cara’s handiwork.
Is a new killer on the loose with a mission even more deadly than hers? In the pulse-pounding third Huntress/FBI Thrillers book, Roarke will have to go on the hunt…and every woman he meets, even those closest to him, may prove deadly.

Cold Moon is the third installment in author Alexandra Sokoloff's The Huntress/FBI Thrillers series. As the story picks up, FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is suffering from the after effects of his battle against the Reaper and the fact that the woman he was supposed to hunt down and arrest, Cara Lindstrom, saved his life. Cara has become a cult hero now that she has been apprehended and faces a trial for the murder of a john. She is a divine energy, a living myth, a female vigilante against the outrages that women have been trying to fight back against for years.

But, things really get strange in this story and quickly. Even though Cara is in prison for the presumed murder of a john, evidence against her comes down the the testimony of one 16-year old girl who has been living on the streets as a prostitute. Jade is hiding something. To her, everything is an act, and she is the archetype who comes to the rescue of the woman wrongly sent to prison for doing what the police, and law enforcement can't do. Get rid of evil in every form. When Jade suddenly disappears, the case against Cara is gone.

The hopes of keeping Cara behind bars is gone. Then another pimp shows up dead in the same manner that Cara had killed her previous victims. Then more pimps and johns show up dead. Who is really behind the killings and why? Has someone chosen to rid the streets of the sex traffickers and the pimps who use girls and toss them away like so much garbage? If so, what is there connection to Cara. The murders are all attributed to fabled Santa Muerte, aka Saint Death, aka Goddess of Death. As Roarke and his team scurry around like chickens with their heads cut off, even more curious revelations are twisted into the story.

Where we end is a social commentary on the need to revamp the entire justice system to focus more on abuse of children, and less time spent on talking about those convicted of soliciting drugs. Yes, drugs are bad, but sex trafficking is 10 times worse. I do agree that we need to do more to put sex traffickers a way for a very long time so that they have no hopes of parole. Apparently the penalties for drug possession and intent to sell drugs is much harsher than selling a child into prostitution. To me, that makes zero sense. Part of the story really got me wondering how many children, & teenagers disappear every day without their parents knowing what happened to them. Law enforcement needs to be proactive in searching for these kids.

Once again, if you are clueless as to the rages I have against sex trafficking and those who are involved, let me remind you that sex trafficking in this country is a $32 BILLION business. It affects both women and child. Boys, and girls of all ages, of all colors, and of all religions. Sokoloff breaks down in detail what happens to girls once they are taken off the streets. They are broken in, and broken down. They are beaten, they are imprisoned in darkness, they are shoved into trunks until the are so numb they are willing to do anything. If you truly believe that johns are good people, you need to really pay attention to this series. I do believe in the very essence of evil. Evil may not have a real name, but you can't refuse to admit that there are those who have been touched by its very essence, and once they have, there is no redemption. 

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