Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday #Review - McCall & Company: Swollen Identity by Rich Leder #Mystery

Series: McCall & Company # 2
Format: Mobi, 392 pages
Release Date: September 7, 2014
Publisher: Laugh Riot Press
Source: Publisher
Genre: Mystery

Way-off Broadway actress and NYC PI Kate McCall had promised the police and the Assistant DA—her son—that she was all done investigating any damn thing in New York…
Meaning beautiful billionaire socialite Brooke Barrington says someone has stolen her identity and the corporate assassin who murdered Kate’s father has shot the eyes out of the CEO of Superior Press…
Meaning McCall & Company is back in business…
Meaning Kate enlists the help of the eccentric tenants of her brownstone—the House of Emotional Tics—and her melodramatic acting troupe, the Schmidt and Parker Players…
Meaning things spiral hilariously and dangerously out of control…
Meaning she is confronted by Brooke’s demonic identical twin, Bailey, accosted by international counterfeiters, and arrested for impersonating a hooker.
Will Kate stop Bailey from murdering Brooke? Or will she stop Brooke from murdering Bailey? Or will she figure out how to tell one from the other in time to survive the wrath of the Bulgarian mob men hired to protect the counterfeit cash?
And will she finally find her father’s killer?
She might, but it’s going to be a fast, fun, and furious ride.

Swollen Identity, by author Rich Leder, is the second installment in the authors McCall & Company trilogy. The story picks up right where Workman's Complication left off. 
Welcome back to the wacky, wacky world of Kate McCall who not too long ago, days actually, promised her son and a NYPD Detective that she wasn't going to get involved with any more dangerous investigations. Pfft, amateurs! 

Kate is an off, off, off, off Broadway actress by trade, a private investigator who learned at her fathers side, including his 10 rules of dos and don'ts, and someone who has had her world upturned by the murder of her father by a corporate assassin. His murder hangs over everything that Kate does. In this installment, Kate gets a visit from billionaire Brooke Barrington. Brooke claims that someone has stolen her identity and is spending her money all over the city. 

Kate agrees to help, but what happens when Kate discovers that Brooke has a twin sister who also wants to hire her, and ends up with a curious who wants to kill whom mystery?Kate's story is just getting started. Throw in yet another murder with similarities to that of her deceased father, a shoot out with the corporate assassin on a boat, being accused of murder, and the hilarity of her friends getting involved, especially Fu Chen who really has stolen the spotlight, and this story holds its own against the first installment. Never under estimate Leder's twisted mind. 

While Kate is determined more than ever to find her fathers killer, she also encounters more than her fair share of resistance from her own son Matthew, and of course, Detective Logan who she promised not to get involved with the investigation of her father's killer. Kate has a curious assortment of characters that are above and beyond wacky. Not only does she have her cast and crew from Schmidt and Parker Players helping her lure in her prey, but she also has the residents of what the author is calling the House of Emotional Tics that have become more than just sidekicks.

When one goes into this series, one has to know that there will be slap stick comedy from nearly everyone involved. You do have some really emotional moments and serious issues to deal with like Kate still feeling the loss of her father who was her support and her stable. I've chosen to read this series to see what happens when Kate and her cast of dozens let it all hang out, and just deal with things as they come together. There are quite a few plot twists in this story to keep a reader entertained. I look forward to reading Emboozlement to see what happens between Kate and the elusive assassin.


  1. Thank you for reading me, Shelley. I'm grateful for your time and your upbeat reviews of my McCall & Company series. What fun to be a part of your fabulous blog today. You have written one of my favorite review lines ever: Never underestimate Leder's twisted mind. Awesome!

    1. Hi Rich! Glad you liked it! Hoping to read the third installment soon!