Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday #Review - Black Goat Blues by Levi Black #Fantasy

Series: The Mythos War #2
Format: Hardcover, 288 pages
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Publisher: Tor Books
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

The dark fantasy, Lovecraft-inspired sequel to Red Right Hand, which Jonathan Maberry calls "A perfect blend of old-school horror and modern storytelling sorcery."

In Red Right Hand, Charlie Tristan Moore was thrust into a nightmarish world of lurking Lovecraftian horrors when The Man In Black, a diabolical Elder God, chose her as his unwilling Acolyte. Discovering her own power, Charlie ultimately defied The Man In Black, but at a cost.
Now armed with a magic coat made from the skin of a flayed angel, Charlie is out to destroy The Man In Black and save her boyfriend Daniel—and she doesn’t care how many bloodthirsty gods and monsters get in her way...

"Darkness presses against the windows of the car. It's not my car, just one that someone left unlocked. I needed to sit for a moment after wishing myself here. Using magick can really suck the batteries dry."

Black Goat Blues is the second installment in author Levi Black's The Mythos War series. The story picks up several weeks after the ending of Red Right Hand. Protagonist Charlotte (Charlie) Tristan Moore is hunting the Man in Black (Nyarlathotep, the God of Chaos and Destruction) who made her his acolyte only to have the student defeat the master and walk away with the ability to wish herself any where, a black coat made from fallen angel skin that has hidden pockets of unbelievable useful tools, and a desire for payback for what he did to Daniel Langford.

Charlie finds herself with a curious group as allies in her desire to hunt down the Man in Black. There is Javier who Charlie stops from killing someone and ends up jumping place to place with Charlie. Ashtoreth, The Scarlet Harlot, Unholy Ishtar, Concubine of Chaos, and Whore Goddess Galore, and a skin-hound named Winnie who once took off a huge chunk of her ear. The most curious aspect of this story that I actually liked, was, shocked face, Winnie and how once adversaries are now allies.

I will say that the name of this book boggles my mind. You see, Charlie wears a black coat that she took from the Man in Black, so why not name the book Black Coat Blues? There is a character named Black Goat, but this character only shows up for barely a chapter or two. It is at this point in the story where betrayal sprouts its wings and Charlie finds herself among a cult who actually hunts Gods down and eats them. Charlie is an interesting character who is coming into her own. 

She acts like a badass, and tries to walk the walk as a badass, but it is her own powers that are truly impressive. The most impressive power is her interdimensional teleportation that she has been using to lead her to the Man in Black. Levi Black, aka James R Tuck can write some strange stories. He is very descriptive and isn't afraid to get his characters blooded and facing life or death challenges almost every page. Curious where Black will go from here since it is apparent Charlie would throw her own life away in order to save Daniel and perhaps Javier's as well.

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  1. Maybe she chose that title so you would question it. LOL It did make me curious.
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