Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday #Review - Through a Dark Glass by Barb Hendee #YALit #Fantasy

Series: Dark Glass # 1
Format: E-Book, 297 pages
Release Date: January 9, 2018
Publisher: Kensington/Rebel Base Books
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy

On her seventeenth birthday, Megan of Chaumont discovers she’ll be sold as a bride to the brutish Volodane family—within hours. Her father grants only that she may choose which one of the ruthless, grasping lord's three sons she weds:

~ Rolf, the eldest: stern, ambitious, and loyal?

~ Sebastian, the second son: sympathetic, sly, and rebellious?

~ Or Kai, the youngest: bitter, brooding, and proud?

As shy, horrified Megan flees the welcome dinner for her in-laws-to-be, she finds an enchanted mirror that will display how her life unrolls with each man, as if she were living it out in a breath. But there is no smooth “happily ever after” in her choices.

Deaths and honors, joys and agonies, intrigues and escapes await her in a remote, ramshackle keep, where these rough but complex men reveal one side and then another of their jagged characters—and bring forth new aspects of Megan, too. But the decisions of one teenaged marriage-pawn reverberate much farther than any of them have guessed . . .

Through a Dark Glass is the first installment in author Barb Hendee's Dark Glass series. 17-year old Megan is the youngest daughter of the House of Chaumont. She has a special talent that has long provided an advantage for her father. But, after her older sister unexpectedly dies before the arrival of her suitors who she is supposed to pick whom to marry, Megan is shoved into the untenable position of having to choose between three brothers; Rolf, Sebastian, and Kai Volodane's.

This is where things get very intriguing. You see, before this story ever takes place, there was a vain lord who enslaved a young witch so that he might force her to use her powers. His most prized possession was a three-paneled mirror which he could see himself from several angles. Seeking revenge on said Lord, the witch imbued her powers into the mirror hoping to trap him in the mirror. But, it cost her in the end and her spirit fled into the mirror itself. 

The mirror and the young witch would later seek out those facing difficult decisions and show them the outcomes of their choices. This is where Megan comes in. Megan discovers said mirror. The woman in the mirror tells Megan that she is at a crossroads. She has 3 different paths for which to choose from. Megan will get a chance to live out her 3 different paths. Without getting too far involved in each particular story between Megan and the three Volodane's, I will say this, Megan is shown what life would be with each brother.

Megan is told that once her choice is made, she will never remember what life would have been had she chosen the other brothers instead. Each brother offers something entirely different for Megan, but none of them really uses Megan's unique gift of seeing a persons intentions. There is repetition throughout this book because you have to follow Megan and each brother as they not only arrive at Megan's new home in a run down castle, but her choices with the brother she chooses. There are also entirely different futures involved depending on whom she chooses.

I will say that like others, I was skimming past certain aspects of the story by the time we arrived at Kai and Megan's story. There are sometimes big differences between the three brothers as well. Rolf wants a seat on the Council of Twelve; Sebastian is kind, gentle, almost too sweet to be believable and he carries a secret; while Kai is the dangerous brooding younger brother who carries a sword with him. He's not all that fancy about being married to someone in order to raise his families status. Who will Megan choose? Will the person she chooses be the right choice? Or, will she end up alone and unhappy? What's interesting to me was how Megan's overall personality and her choices changed with each brother. In the end, the obvious choice was the obvious choice.

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