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Tuesday #Review - Assassin of Truths by Brenda Drake #YALit #Fantasy

Series: Library Jumpers (#3)
Format: E-Book, 403 pages
Release Date: February 6, 2018
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
Source: Publisher
Genre: Young Adult / Magical Realism

A fantastic ending to the Library Jumpers series from NY Times bestselling author Brenda Drake, about a girl who discovers a different realm hidden inside the world's most beautiful libraries.

The gateways linking the great libraries are no longer safe. Now the human world is experiencing violent attacks by unknown creatures as Conemar, with a compelled Nick by his side, readies his crazed army to rise against the Wizard Council and the Mystik League to take over both the Mystik and human worlds.

In the safety of a hideout in Ireland, Gia prepares herself for the great battle. With Arik and the other Sentinels’ help, she locates the rest of the Chiavi within the libraries and sets out to destroy the Tetrad. The journey is harrowing, and Arik tries to reconnect with Gia, but her conscience stops her from betraying Bastien, even though her heart screams for Arik. When Conemar and his men catch up to them, Gia must fight Nick to the death or give up both worlds and everyone she loves.

Assassin of Truths is the third and final installment in author Brenda Drake's Library Jumpers trilogy. Let's start from the top. Assassin picks up two months after the ending of Guardian of Secrets. Gia Kearns and her group of Sentinels is lying low in Ireland after the loss of key friends and allies to their nemesis. If you haven't already caught on to this series, this is about a group of Sentinels who are magical knights who protect the libraries of the world and humans from the dangers of those who want to rule both worlds. 

Protagonist Gia Kearns has been searching for the 7 keys called the Chiavi that can unlock a being called Tetrad. She has thus far found 5, and is close to uncovering the locations of the final 2. If Gia can get to them first, she may have a way to defeat it and save the world. If not, there will be a war that will engulf both the human and mystic worlds. Gia has become proficient in her ability to jump from library to library all over the world. 

She is also a curious sort of Sentinel, one that isn't supposed to exist. Unlike Gia, the rest of her allies have grown up learning how to handle the magical balls which are tied to key elements like water, fire, wind, and air. Gia's ability to create magical balls has grown leaps and bounds to the point where she is pretty good at keeping her head attached. She is definitely at the top of the most wanted list for her enemies, and those who have been lured to the dark side. This includes one powerful magician by the name of Conemar.

Gia has seen many ups and downs since her story began with the accidental jumping from a library in Boston, to one in the Vatican. She has lost friends, she has gained allies, she has become the fated savior of the planet, and she is more than just a silly prediction handed down generations ago. She is the Assassin of Truths. She is also a human with feelings. A human who has had her heart shattered, and then healed by another. If you are asking me about the 3-way love triangle that I didn't much care for in the first installment, that is definitely sorted out in a way that made me happy.

I will say that this is a perfectly paced story with an ending that left me satisfied. There's plenty of action and suspense. There's just enough romance that doesn't smother the story. There's Gia's growth as a character and a leader. There's Bastian who really made me glad that there was at least someone standing by Gia's side and didn't betray her trust and feelings. One last thing I do have to say about Gia. Nope, she's not perfect. She makes mistakes, especially when it comes to not trusting others to have her back. She goes solo enough times to say that she really can handle herself. Sometimes, she even over analyzes the situation. She also tried hard to remain true to who she is, and not change so much that you don't recognize her. She has tough choices to make in this book. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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