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Venom in the Veins by Jennifer Estep #Review #Fantasy

Series: Elemental Assassin # 17
Format: Kindle Edition, 267 pages 
Release Date: June 12, 2018
Publisher: Jennifer Estep
Source: Author
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Blood might be thicker than water, but venom is stronger than just about anything …

It was supposed to be a nice, quiet, simple dinner with friends—but nothing is ever nice, quiet, or simple when you’re Gin Blanco, the Spider, notorious assassin and current queen of the Ashland underworld.

This time around, someone seems to be targeting Stuart Mosley, the president of First Trust bank. Lots of people have grudges against Mosley, but the more I investigate, the more Mosley’s problems seem to be connected to some of my own, especially when it comes to the Circle, the evil, shadowy group that is secretly responsible for much of the crime and corruption in Ashland.

But when another blast from my dark and deadly past as the Spider comes to light, I wonder if I’ll be able to survive this dangerous new enemy, who has a burning thirst for revenge that will only be satisfied with one thing: my death.

Venom in the Veins is the 17th installment in author Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series. After Finnigan Lane's boss, Stuart Mosley, is the apparent victim of a mugging and attempted kidnapping, Gin, who sees circle plots everywhere these days, believes there is more to this incident than meets the eye test. Gin may be paranoid when it comes to the Circle, but she's been right too many times to keep track. Could the Circle, including the mysterious Mason, leader of the Circle, or Gin's nemesis Hugh Tucker, who seems to be around at the most curious times, be involved? 

Could this an escalation of conflict between Gin and her friends (who she would protect with her dying breath), and the Circle, a secret society that's responsible for much of the crime and corruption in Ashland, and the group that was responsible for killing Gin's mother and sister? Or, could it be that Gin has killed so many people, that the families of those she killed have chosen this point in time for their revenge? Yeah, you don't think I'm going to spoil it for you, do you? 

For a man who has been dead for very long time now, Fletcher Lane is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time Gin finds herself deep in trouble, it seems something that Fletcher has said, or kept safe, or given to someone else for safe keeping, arises from the ashes and allows Gin to resolve her current situation. Also, is anyone else curious about Hugh and whose side he is really on? He sure seems to be playing both sides against the other while he sits back and watches the pieces on the board attack each other. 

In summation: I am happy that Jennifer Estep has chosen to keep this series going and self publish and even having the original artist continue to do her covers. I am happy that we get more Gin. I would be happy if the author reaches 20 books in the series as long as all storylines are tied up and Gin and Greyson can finally have their HEA. I am more than happy with Gin facing off against more villains as long as she doesn't get distracted in the process and become the person who she has never imagined herself to be; Mab Monroe. 

When the chips are counted, and the series ends, and Gin walks off into the sunrise, Gin has killed just as many of her enemies as Mab has over the course of this series. Most especially dwarves, vampires, and giants. At what point does fighting against monsters turn you into one yourself? I am not a huge fan of books that have open endings as some of you already know. It just means more grinding of my already damaged teeth waiting for the next installment to be released to find out what happens next.

And, in this case, the author really leaves you with an EYE OPENING revelation. Gin and her friends, especially Silvio her assistant, have been digging for answers to who Mason really is, and who the other members of the Circle are for more than a few books now. Can we hope that Gin may soon get to the point where the Circle is more afraid of what she will do, than the fact that they have her under observation?

The author has a tendency to do back flashes to points in Gin's life that were most important events happened to her and Fletcher. This story has yet another flashback that will come home to roost. What do you do when the past comes back to haunt you? This is where you say, AHA! you just gave us an Easter Egg! 

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