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Weekend #Review - Sea and Sand (TIDES #3) by Alex Lidell #YALIT #Fantasy

Series: TIDES # 3
Format: Kindle, 340 pages
Release Date: January 15, 2018
Publisher: Danger Bearing Press
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy

An impossible mission. Dangerously growing magic. A distrustful crew. Can Nile beat back the rising tide of war before it’s too late?

Six months have passed since Princess Nile Greysik changed the course of the Tirik war and earned her place in the Felielle navy . . . or thought she did. 

With the war taking a violent new turn, Nile—joined by a cryptic empath named Kyra—sails out to beg support from the isolationist Diante Empire. But with a chauvinistic crew waiting for Nile to fail and even Domenic questioning her authority, one wrong step could strip Nile of her command mid-voyage.

When a terrifying new evil strikes their ship, Nile begins to understand the awful truth about the enemy they’re facing—and this time, not even her wind calling may be enough to save them.

Sea and Sand is the third installment in author Alex Lidell's TIDES series. Sea and Sand picks up 6 months after the ending of War and Wind. Even though Princess Nile Greysik has gained a position within the Feliele Navy and is technically married to Prince Tamiath, while still sorting out her relationship with Domenic who has been given more responsibilities than Nile, she has a long way to go before she can earn the respect of the men in charge. There is no glossing over the fact that sexism is rampant in the Felielle society, especially within the superstitious environment of a sailing vessel. Especially the Feliele Captain she is supposed to serve under during a diplomatic mission to bring the Diante Empire into an alliance against a growing infestation that has torn the peace apart that was won at the end of War and Wind. A mission that she is supposed to be called Captain. To this point, this causes a whole lot of stress between her and others, including Domenic.

Readers also must understand that most nations in this so called alliance, do not like the gifted like Nile who can use the wind as a weapon. They consider them to be abominations. Readers are also introduced to Kyra who is also gifted. Except her gift is two bladed. She's empathic, and she has an affinity for flame. Kyra is not Nile. She has not been through what Nile has seen since running away from a marriage she had no desire to be apart of a ship with a Captain who was freckles and honorless. Kyra just wants to go home. She's had enough of living in a place that treats her life pond scum. The only way she can think to do so is to join a ship. A ship that is to be led by Princes Nile who is heading for a diplomatic mission of grave importance. Kyra and Nile are an interesting case to unravel. They aren't necessarily friends, but they know that they are not welcomed aboard ships, something that really didn't die until the 20th century. Plus, Nile has Quinn, a former Tirik naval officer who is now her first officer. 

Later, she will be reunited with Catsper who has had life changing moments that I won't spoil for you, as well as Domenic who is all about doing the right thing which means leaving Nile out to fight against the tide. The main conflict in this story the alarmingly tactics of the Tirik navy. Their soldiers have suddenly become more aggressive, and have included never-before-seen suicide attacks, which changes the game and makes the Diante Empire's support even more crucial. I do love the final parts of this story when Nile and her crew encounter the most dangerous, the most ruthless, the most cunning enemies that she has ever faced. In this regard, the author really doesn't hold back. Nobody is safe. Nobody. 

The thing about Domenic and Nile, and I've said this before, I'm just not a fan. I think Nile would have been better off with Catsper who at least respected her enough to teach her how to fight and not back down to anyone who is bigger or better than she is. The irritation I have with the relationship this time around it is nearly a constant battle between the two with little or no room for arguments. I also blame Nile for lots of the issues since she is hard headed and refuses to back down even when she knows that she is in the wrong. In the end, however, I really do think Nile has a whole lot more potential that I hope to see in the fourth installment. 

As for Catspar, he finally finds someone who can not only get under his skin, but refuses to back down to his scowling and his attempt at intimidating her. Nope, I shall not say whom. I just want to see both characters happy when all is said and done. They've both earned their respective happiness for all the things they've had to deal with, including their new enemies. If you haven't read the first two books in the TIDES series, I strongly recommend doing so before picking up this book.

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