Thursday, November 8, 2018

#Review - Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews #Paranormal #Romance

Series: Hidden Legacy 3.5
Format: E-Galley, 160 pages
Release Date: November 6, 2018
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Source: Publisher
Genre: Romance / Paranormal

Nevada Frida Baylor and Connor Ander Rogan cordially invite you to join their wedding celebration. Summoning, weather manipulation, and other magical activities strictly forbidden.

Catalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching her older sister walk down the aisle. Then the wedding planner gets escorted off the premises, the bride’s priceless tiara disappears, and Rogan's extensive family overruns his mother’s home. Someone is cheating, someone is lying, and someone is plotting murder.

To make this wedding happen, Catalina will have to do the thing she fears most: use her magic. But she’s a Baylor and there’s nothing she wouldn't do for her sister's happiness. Nevada will have her fairy tale wedding, even if Catalina has to tear the mansion apart brick by brick to get it done.

The Diamond Fire novella is the bridge between Nevada Baylor's last installment called Wildfire and her sister Catalina Baylor's new series which will be releasing in 2019. Things to know, it would behoove you to have read Nevada's story to understand the characters that the authors have previously identified and who will be appearing again in Catalina's trilogy. The second thing you should know is that this is Catalina's story not Nevada's. 

While Nevada does show up in the prologue, she isn't a factor in this story. Yes, it is set against the backdrop of Rogan and Nevada's wedding day and you can definitely call her bridezilla since everything that she seems to want, is entirely over the top. But, is Catalina who is given a pretty important job by Rogan's mother, Arrosa Rogan, when an important piece of jewelry goes missing. A character who I definitely think we will be seeing a whole lot more in the next trilogy.

Rogan does play a part in this series. It's a pretty big deal since readers get an actual look at his mother's side of the family, and their creepiness and issues which just takes the cake towards the absurd. I love Catalina. Here is a young woman who just passed the trials to became not only House Baylor, but a Prime who has the ability to make people fall in love with her. Catalina is scared of her abilities and that's perfectly acceptable once you get more of her background and what has happened to her in the past.

Catalina is Nevada’s second sister and she is an interesting character. She is the typical teenage shy girl where she’s very smart, she’s very introspective, but she just doesn’t deal with the spotlight. She also has an interesting future ahead of her if this book is any indication. If you are able to get your hands on a hard copy of this book do so. Why? Because there is a family tree right in the first pages of the book so that you won't be confused by all the characters that show up for the wedding.

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