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#Review - Alien Minds by Christina Bauer #YALIT #Dystopian

Series: Dimension Drift # 1
Format: Paperback,330 pages
Release Date: April 23, 2019
Publisher: Monster House Books
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss
Genre:Young Adult / Dystopian

DIVERGENT meets OCEAN'S EIGHT in this urban fantasy heist!

On my seventeenth birthday, I wake up in the hospital to find I just survived a sketchy-but-terrible accident. My perfect-looking parents say I live an ideal life inside the Boston dome. And although my swoon-worthy guard, Thorne, looks totally familiar, he says we don’t have a history.

What a bunch of crap.

I don’t remember anything—not even my real name—but I can still tell when someone’s lying. From what I figure out, my dystopian overlords wiped my memory, leaving only my super science skills behind. Now, instead of expecting me to scream for revenge, the government demands that I build new tech that will launch an apocalypse against anyone who isn’t perfect.

So I nod. Say yes. And scheme to blow the whole thing up.

My memory may be gone, but my sass remains intact. I round up a team of teenage scientists to take down the nasty-ass government without getting ourselves killed. Only trouble is, I must accomplish all this while avoiding my growing attraction to Thorne, who may or may not be an alien. Something tells me that protecting my heart from my hottie guard might be the most dangerous adventure of all… 

Alien Minds is the first installment in author Christina Bauer's Dimension Drift series. Let me set the scene for this series. First, this is not the first book in the series. There are two prequels called Scythe and Umbra. Scythe is the story of Meimi Archer one of the most intelligent young scientists in this world who created something that led to being discovered by the wrong people. Umbra follows the second main character, Thorne, who is from Umbra an Omniverse where his father is Emperor. Thorne meets Meimi after making good on one of his father's promises. I suggest that you read Scythe first so that you know who the characters in this new trilogy are, and what happened to bring us to this point. 

The author picks up this new trilogy after the events of Scythe. Meimi wakes up in the hospital to find she supposedly survived a sketchy accident. People who claim to be her sponsor parents stand by my bedside calling her Wisteria Roberts. Then comes the creepy Doctor Godwin who tells Wisteria that she is to attend the prestigious ECHO Academy if she is successful in building a project that he has created that will lead to mass genocide of undesirables if he is successful. 

Meimi puts together a team which includes twin sisters Chloe and Zoe, as well as some of her underground contacts who, well, I'll not spoil that for you. As I said, I would recommend that you read Scythe so that you understand what really happened to Meimi and why she is where she is as the story opens. As Meimi gets closer to her goals of preventing mass genocide from happening, she begins to understand that there is more to her guard Thorne than meets the eyes. Things that will lead to an even more curious action packed ending to the story.

Thorne has been assigned to be Meimi's personal guard by Godwin. Thorne knows who Meimi is, what she is capable of doing, and the fact that she is his transcendent, makes things really hard for him to stand by watching Meimi not understand why she is so important to him and others. As I did not read Umbra, I had not yet met Thorne's brothers Slade and Justice who are secondary characters in this book. It is hard to discuss Thorne, his brothers, and their father, without giving away some spoilers. So, if you can get pass this review, read the book.

Now, why in the hell did I rate it as only 3 stars you ask? Simple. The editing in this book is atrocious. I have not read a book with this many errors in it for a very long time. I had been warned by other reviewers that it appeared that the author rushed this for publication without first sending it to an editor to ensure the mistakes were caught. At times, it  appeared to have been written by a 5th grader with impressive dialogue skills. If you end up with the paperback copy of this book, please let me know if you have similar issues with glaring errors throughout the book.

Question: Will I continue with this series? Debatable. There is a rather curious and shocking ending to this book where things are revealed and things happen that lead to even more twists. However, if I end up with a copy of said sequel and it is filled with glaring errors, I will happily DNF the book and move on to something else.

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2. Umbra

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