Wednesday, July 17, 2019

#Review - A Vampire's Fury by Raven Steele, Ava Mason (#Urban #Fantasy)

Series: Rouen Chronicles #8
Format: Kindle, 306 pages
Release Date: June 4, 2019
Publisher: Amazon
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Urban Fantasy

“The beast inside me is awake, and it is hungry.” 
Her heart gutted by Korin's betrayal, Samira turns her focus on not just killing him but destroying everything he holds dear. Only tearing apart the ones he loves will give her the revenge she requires. 

To do so, she must reawaken the beast inside her, the Kiss off Eternal Night. It is both a gift and a curse. If she’s not careful, tapping into those dark powers may destroy a lot more than Korin. The people she loves will also be at risk. But maybe that’s the cost of achieving ultimate revenge.  
Or so the beast inside her says..

“The world of superheroes is black and white; the world of monsters is not. Sometimes you need evil to fight evil.”

A Vampire's Fury, by authors Raven Steele, & Ava Mason, is the 8th installment in the Rouen Chronicles. The first thing I should say is that every book in this series connects to the next in the series including Aris Crow's trilogy which is set in Coast City. Time line wise; it has been 2 weeks since Korin killed Samira's daughter Faithe as well as another friend in a power play to make Samira grovel for forgiveness. It has also been 2 weeks since Lynx fell into a coma after unleashing a power we haven't seen to this point. 

Samira has a darkness in her called the Kiss of Eternal Darkness. Now that it is out, Samira has a craving to make Korin and his vile son Naburus pay for their transgressions against her, as well as forcing Mateo to work to kidnap more humans for his Scorpion Breath experiments. A surprising revelation is soon uncovered, and I am not sure if this will spoil things or not. At the end of Briar's trilogy, the Phoenix rose and is now the controlling powers behind Korin. But, could the Phoenix actually someone Lynx knows?

"A storm is coming, and only the dead can save the living.”

I've seen a different side to Briar this book as well, but I do have some questions about her relationships with both Angel and Luke who is very, very annoying and secretive throughout this story. I don't know what is going to happen from here. Angel has had enough of waiting in the background. He knows that Briar will be shattered if he chooses to leave, however, he doesn't want to hang around for eternity waiting for her to choose. 

I appreciated that Lynx was given a much more impressive role in this story again. Lynx is being forced by her mother Cassandra to go for training at Principis Noctis to learn how to use her gifts. We know that Lynx is powerful. She's proven herself, and will do so again.  Lynx is one part of the mysterious prophecy, and Briar has already done what she was supposed to do to become the second part of the prophecy. Now, all the Phoenix needs is for Samira to play her part in what could be apocalyptic for human kind. 

Samira has all sorts of issues to deal with. Regardless of her head, her heart is absolutely in love with Mateo, and would be devastating were he to not be in her life. She also finds herself in some dangerous situations and has to reign it in when her actions puts those she loves in danger. I have mentioned that you should read the books in this series in order, including the trilogy about Aris Crow. That warning now pays dividends when Aris arrives in Rouen to help Samira and her allies. This should be a very interesting story going forward.

This story is full of intense drama, suspense, intrigue, angst, emotional heartache, violence, torture, deceit, twists that have you glued to page after page of this thrilling, titillating, brilliantly written story.  

“The sides you choose are important. Remember that, if you live through this.”

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