Thursday, November 14, 2019

#Review - Rebel by Marie Lu #YA #SyFy

Series: Legend (#4)
Format: Hardcover,384 pages
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Source: Library
Genre: Young Adult / Science Fiction

Eden Wing is a brilliant student. He’s about to graduate a year early from Ross University of the Sciences, with honors, and already has an internship lined up back in the Republic. But most people don’t introduce Eden this way. Instead, they say, “This is Eden, Daniel Wing’s younger brother.”

Ten years ago, Eden’s brother Daniel was known as Day, the boy from the streets who led a revolution that saved the Republic of America. His name was spray-painted on walls, his profile splashed on both rebel pamphlets and wanted posters. He went from being a hunted criminal to a national hero in less than a year.

Day has spent the past decade piecing together his memory of his time in the Republic, pretending to enjoy life in Antarctica’s capital, Ross City , and quietly hiding out from the world—even if it’s meant giving up June, the great love of his life. As long as he can keep his little brother safe, that’s all that matters . . .

But Eden isn’t safe. As the two brothers struggle to accept who they’ve each become, they grow more distant from one another than they've ever been. Eden finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into Ross City’s dark side, until even his legendary brother can’t save him. At least not on his own.

When June suddenly steps back into Day’s life, rekindling the flames of their romance, the pair team up to do whatever it takes to rescue Eden. But like the rest of the world, they may have underestimated Eden—what he’s capable of, where his loyalties lie, and how hard he’s willing to fight for what he believes. 

Rebel is the fourth installment in author Marie Lu's Legend series. In fairness, I did not read Life After Legend which was apparently released in conjunction with the author's Waycross story and bridges Champion and Legend. The story takes place in Ross City, Antarctica. 10 years ago, Day led a revolution that saved the Republic at the expense of his memories. This book also tells the story of Day's younger brother Eden Wing who is graduating at the top of his class with an advanced degree. He's an absolute genius.

Eden was a victim of the Republic's cruelty which has left him skittish when it comes to dealing with bullies. Fighting ends up getting points deducted from your account. Daniel has gone from one of the most wanted criminals in the Republic to working as an agent for Antarctican Intelligence Service hunting down criminals. Eden is totally opposite his older more famous brother who is considered to be a legend. They moved to this domed, high-tech city because it is supposed to be the new perfect system. Unfortunately, the system isn't at all perfect. 

Everyone can earn points for doing something good for the community, while losing points for cheating, stealing, fighting. The more points you have, the better access you have to the finer things in life. It all seems like a great system. But there are secrets. There is an underworld of people who have few or no points, and it is impossible for them to raise themselves. Eden and his best friend Pressa, are about ready to participate in an illegal drone racing event in the Undercity with a model that Eden designed himself. Eden impresses which leads to him getting involved with a very bad man.

Dominic Hann runs the underbelly of Ross City. Daniel and his team has been trying to find and arrest him for a long time. He always seems to be one step ahead at all times. Little does Eden know, but he and Daniel are about to head for a major confrontation that will eventually lead to June, who still works for the Republic, and Daniel working together once again to save Eden from Hann's manipulations. Unfortunately, the brothers are hard headed. They don't communicate all that well. 

Daniel still thinks his most important job is to protect Eden from anything evil. Eden just wants Daniel to trust him and let him grow up and use his talents. Daniel is still having issues with memories lost years before, and the girl who he once saw briefly. Eden is a remarkable young man who is about ready to do his internship in the Republic. Ultimately, it might be June who is the glue that brings the brothers back to the fold once again. June doesn't appear in all that many scenes, but it reminds readers why June and Day are fated to be together despite everything that has happened. 

Perhaps this book was written for the fans. But, let me say that I do not see any further need for another book in the series. The ending leaves no room for more exploration of these characters.

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  1. well, i guess your review says it all. lol interesting cover and i like it
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