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#Review - The Night Witch (Wilde Justice #6) by Jenn Stark #Fantasy #Romance

Series: Wilde Justice #6
Format: Kindle
Release Date: August 3rd 2020
Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Source: Author
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Romance

Be careful what you wish for.

Tarot-reading Justice of the Arcana Council Sara Wilde has an avalanche of oppressed psychics crying out for her aid. How can she help them all? Despite the support of the formidable Magician, she’s only one woman.

Worse, the Council’s biggest rival, the Shadow Court, taunts her at every turn, defying her efforts to discover the power behind their elite operation.

Frustrated by the Council’s unwillingness to act, Sara is tempted to take matters into her own hands. Especially when she uncovers ancient, mysterious references to a vigilante-style enforcer, the night witch, who does what Justice can’t…or won’t.

Then a new, mysterious ally emerges, a reclusive sheikh with tales of captured genies and impossible wishes who offers Sara his assistance—for a price. A price that may prove to be more than Sara ever expected to pay…

Shadows dance and demons howl when The Night Witch comes to call.

"Darkness draws down, and the night witch stirs."

The Night Witch is the sixth installment in author Jenn Stark's Wilde Justice series. Sara Wilde is a Tarot Card reading Justice of the Arcana Council. She's the cosmic cop of the connected world. Tracking down the outlaws of the psychic community and delivering them to Judgment is Sara Wilde’s business and business has been good ever since the appearance of the Shadow Court and their obsession with Sara. As the story opens, Sara and Eshe, the High Priestess of the Arcana Council who was once an Oracle of Delphi, are in Pompeii, Italy attending a techno psychic music festival where things quickly go from bad to worse as what appears to be pterodactyls attack Sara.

The Shadow Court has been pushing the envelope on magic, using arcane powers to advance their position in society. The Shadow Court seeks to impose their own brand of justice, restricting magic to only the richest and most influential psychics, while stripping power from all the undesirables. The cries of help from the connected are growing louder by the day. More and more requests for help are showing up at the Justice Hall overwhelming Sara and her staff. An instability is growing in the world because of the Shadow Court and its past time to take the gloves off and strike back. You are wondering about the name The Night Witch. I can only tell you this.

Once upon a time, there was a Night Witch who could do things that the Justice of the Arcana Council couldn't or wouldn't do. This person could cross lines that Sara has been unwilling to cross. Where this person went, death and destruction followed. This person has received special requests for help since Justice disappeared for 150 years before Sara took the job. For several books now, Sara has been the main target of the Shadow Court. Sara knows that Jarvis Fuggerson and his colleagues will stop at nothing until either Sara chooses to join them, or they eliminate her from the playing field. When they go after someone close to Sara, the gloves do come off. But how far will Sara go to get Justice? 

Sara's powers are above anything anyone else has seen and they are rapidly growing. There is literally nobody, well maybe the Magician, who can stop her. Time and time again the Shadow Courts comes after Sara. Time and time again they fail spectacularly. They want Sara to make a mistake that will cost her the support of those she's sworn to protect as well as a piece of her humanity. But, how much more patience does Sara have to stand back and restrain herself while friends and allies are being targeted? The author does introduce new council members and members who are either in hiding, or perhaps joined the Shadow Court. Of those is the Sun. But there is also the Moon and the Star and may others who are out there either waiting to be found, or unwilling to help Sara and her allies. We shall see where the author goes from here.

Here is my recommendation, read the books in the order as they are released. There is lots of information that will be lost in translation if you don't know who the main characters are in this series or what has happened. The usual suspects appear: Simon, Sariah, Nikki Dawes, Aleksander Kreios, Armaeus Bertrand, Death, Danae, as well as some crossover characters from the authors Demon Enforcer series including Warrick of the Syx, leader of a demon special ops team with a brutal reputation for efficiency, along with Finn, Stefan, Gregori & Raum. 

The Demon Enforcers are those fallen angels who agreed to become an enforcer for a chance to be redeemed. The redemption is held in Archangel Michael’s aka Hierophant hands and he makes them work thousands of years to get it. Only demons can kill demons, so their participation tells you that there is a whole lot of stuff that the author adds to make the story even more action packed. I am glad for one point in this book and it happens right at the end. I would be as happy as a clam at high tide if this is the way the author has chosen to go with her series. It makes total sense for Sara and this character to work closely together in the battle and war to come.

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