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Raven Calls by C.E. Murphy

Raven Calls (Walker Papers #7) picks immediately after the events of Spirit Dances (Walker Papers #6). Joanne Walker aka Siobhan Grainne MacNamarra Walkingstick, has quit the Seattle PD and left Capt. Michael Morrison behind in order to find a cure for the werewolf bite that she experienced.

She has also been "reborn under the rattlesnake sign" and now has the ability to shape-shift without much of a big deal. Yes, she also is terrified up waking up as a werewolf now that she has been bitten and infected.
In her dreams, Joanne sees a strange woman who looks a lot like her own mother (Sheila MacNamarra) who has been dead for 15 months now.

Joanne is looking for the woman who turned werewolves from full time beasts, to part time monsters; the same woman who bound the wolves to the moon and a 3 day howl fest; And, the woman who seems to be calling Joanne home to Ireland, the land of her roots and the place where she was born before being sent away when she was 6 months old in order to keep her protected.

Upon arriving in Ireland, Gary Muldoon, her 74 year old octogenarian cabbie best friend, meets her at the airport and the two take-off on an extraordinary adventure fraught with mystery and peril and naturally, danger at each and every turn.

Added to the story-line and series is her teen-aged cousin Katrina or Catriona as the Irish say. Cat joins Maeve and Joanne in attempting to stop the Master from getting hold of Joanne who is afraid of waking up as a werewolf and under someone else's control.

Murphy digs deep into Irish lore as well as Fae history in writing this story. There are so many different aspects of this story, including the appearance of the Morrigan, Tara and the Hall of Kings, as well as Meabh (Maeve) who appears to be her great x many numbers, grandmother, that you pretty much need a scorecard, or a history lesson Irish History and Native American cultures in order to keep up.

My Thoughts
First and foremost I truly despise cliffhangers where the story just stops! I believe that there should be some way to fluidly flow into the next installment of the series without leaving readers hanging by a thread or holding their collective breaths until the next book releases.

Yes, I totally understand that this is done to keep readers interested in the series. Been there, done that, failed at writing the book! That being said....this cliffhanger is a total whopper, and I don't mean with cheese either! I am stunned beyond words at how this book ends. I’m definitely a person who WILL end up waiting with held breath until the next book comes out because this series keeps getting more interesting with each release.

Gary is seriously awesome in this story! I love how he finally understands what Joanne sees when she is in the Sight mode. I loved how he joined Cernunnos in the Wild Hunt, and later ends up showing up at the perfect moment in the story in order to save Joanne's life. Or should we start calling her Siobhan now?

In the background of the story is Jo's new found relationship with Michael Morrison and the fact that each says I LOVE YOU to the other. It's about time!

I also enjoyed the fact that there seems to be actual closure between Sheila and Joanne by the end of this story and Sheila continues to find a way of saving Joanne from the Master's influence. I can’t imagine having a mother who gave me up at age 6, and then later it’s found that she did it all to protect me.

I definitely want Murphy to continue with Joanne as Katrina’s mentor. I think Joanne is going to need all the help she can get from here on out.

*ARC Recvd 01/06/2012 via Netgalley.com for an honest review* Releases February 21st 2012

Title: Raven Calls
Author: C.E. Murphy
Release Date: February 21, 2012
Genres: Urban Fantasy

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