Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last Breath by Rachel Caine; A review

*Rating* 4.0
*Genre* YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Last Breath, (The Morganville Vampires #11), begins with the community of Morganville, Texas in an uproar over the pending nuptials between vampire Michael Glass and human Goth girl Eve Rosser. It ends with the core group of Claire, Shane, Michael, and Eve once again fighting for their very lives from yet again big bad who is more dangerous than Bishop ever was.

Neither vampires nor humans want the wedding to go through. They believe in separation of species and anyone who steps out of that facade is considered to be a traitor to their race. Also, the last time a vampire/human wedding was allowed to happen, it didn’t end all that well for either partner.

Oliver, Morganville’s second in command, warns Michael and Eve that the town will be torn apart if this marriage is allowed to happen and the human pride faction in Morganville has lined up in outrage over the pending nuptials to the point where they refuse to help Eve.

Soon thereafter, a courier arrives in Morganville with a simple message for Amelie: RUN. Naturally, because Claire Danvers and Shane Collins know about the message, they are put in harm’s way and Myrnin is given an order to kill them in order to keep the message a secret. Thankfully, cooler heads prevail.

Claire in the meantime, has been seeing a mysterious man around town. It appears she is the only person, be it human or vampire, who can see this person. At the same time, vampires like Oliver, and Naomi, go missing without a trace and Amelie has to make a choice that will affect everyone in Morganville.


Last breath is a wonderful story with lots of intrigue and mystery and stunning turn of events that will, well, leave you breathless and wanting the next book to arrive in your mailbox like tomorrow!

Caine allows readers to see from five different points of view, including Amelie, as things rapidly transcend into darkness and major characters fall by the wayside.

Claire – In my opinion, Last Breath is Claire’s beacon to shine and fight for what she believes in; her friends, her town, and her own life. She realizes that she is as expendable as every other human in Morganville even with Amelie being her Protector. She is one of the more interesting characters of this series, and the glue that holds the core group together. She has come a long way from the first book when she didn’t realize vampires were the core group of the town. At times she still needs a good hard thump to the head to realize that she and her friends will always be in danger from someone, or something unless they fight with everything they have. She is literally put through the ringer this time around, and I was not surprised to see what happens to her, or the fact that Myrnin goes above and beyond in order to help save her life.

Oliver – Has always been a person I hated because he believes that humans are meals and nothing more. By the end of this book, he’s more important to the series than ever and it appears that he has made an agreement with Shane and Claire to fight back against that which threatens all their safety. I also enjoyed the tender moment between Oliver and Amelie which has been coming for awhile now.

Amelie - Caine actually gives readers a look into the mindset of Amelie once she understands that her town is in mortal danger from a foe that cannot be defeated. She makes some hard choices, and in the end, probably endangered her own life permanently. There were times I wanted to shout "COWARD" because of her actions and the fact that it appears she was ready to commit genocide of all the humans in town. We shall see what happens next.
Myrnin – Okay so there’s not a lot more I can say about Myrnin that others haven’t already. He is truly a remarkable character and I love the fact that Shane calls him Crazy McTeeth, Nutty McFang, and Count Crackula. For Claire, she owes Myrnin everything, and I mean everything. Interesting that yet again we find out that Myrnin has more than just feelings for Claire and goes above and beyond to save her life and gives her a choice.

*Final thoughts*

Last Breath begins the final trilogy, as it were, of the Morganville Vampires series. There are lots of different ways this series could end.
1. With everyone remaining human and leaving together hand in hand.
2. With Eve or Claire becoming vampires and one of them taking over leadership of Morganville after the rest of the vampires have been eliminated by the big bad Magnus.
3. With a dual wedding between Shane/Claire & Michael/Eve in the final book of the series, and then walking away from Morganville in seperate directions.

Upcoming releases:
Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires,#12) Expected publication: May 1st 2012
Bitter Blood (Morganville Vampires, #13) TBA

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