Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday 04/26/2012

Welcome to another edition of Feature & Follow Friday brought to you by Parajunkee's View
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This weeks question is:

Question: Have you had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then "broke up with later on in either the series or a stand-alone book? Tell us about him or her.

My answer: Not just yes, but hell yes! I fell in love with the Anita Blake series from the first book onward. I loved her interaction with Jean Claude and the fact that she was a vampire slaying necromancer. THEN, of course, it became all about the ardeur and I lost all respect for the series. Yes, yes, I am a prude when it comes to having a character sleep with several dozen men, and women, at the same time. I probably won't ever read another book in the series. However, in case I do, I want to state for the record that I will borrow it from the library before I will spend any of my hard earned money!

My runner up's are: Otto from the Disillusionist series; Donovan Caine from the Elemental Assassin series; Nina LaShay from the Underworld Detection Agency.

I am absolutely interested in what you have to say about my answer as well as learning
more about yours!

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  1. AND ... that seems to be the consensus among everyone. LOL!

  2. I am like one of the only people I know that has NOT read Anita Blake series. I am always so iffy I want to read it or

  3. Good call on Anita. I almost used Otto, but I never liked him to begin with, lol!

    Yeah - my answer was long, but I get all carried away talking about my most hated characters!


  4. Haha! Donovan Caine is a given! Haven't read Anita yet though.

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  5. WOW! This is definitely a popular answer for this week! I have never read any of Anita Blake's books but I understand what you're saying and would imagine I would feel much the same.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Ha!! I never liked Otto so I couldn't pick him, lol. I also haven't read Anita Blake yet!!

    Happy Friday!

  7. I'm a new GFC Follower! I completely agree that the Anita Blake has been going downhill.

  8. Otto, Otto, Otto...I can't say I "broke up" with him because I NEVER liked him!!!

    <3 Goldilox

  9. Anita topped my list as well. I'm not a prude, but if I want sex for sex's sake I'll read erotica. Keep it out of my urban fantasy, please. Old follower! My Follow

  10. I haven't read this series either!!

    New Follower!

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  11. CANNOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE! Ugh. I heard Laurel K. Hamilton talk once and she's such a kick ass lady - and these books are so hard to believe that they are coming from her. I just find it hard to believe! :( Quality has went way way way downhill!

    Happy Follow Friday!

  12. I gave up on the series around book 3. If I wanted porn without plot, I'd read fan fiction.

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  13. Anita is popular this week, I haven't read this series.

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    Have a nice weekend, Sharon

  14. Hopping through. Anita Blake is a popular answer. I'd still like to read the series.
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  15. I have read another blogger with the same answer.. Anita Blake series.. I think I'm interested to read that

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  16. I didn't even know she slept with many people at the same time. o.รด *sigh* I really don't know if I want to read the books. I mean, so many people are disappointed.. But that means that the first books were probably brilliant. c_c

    Patricia // My Hop

  17. Happy Friday! Thank you for stopping by Book that Thing.
    I'm following back. :-)
    I, too, picked Donovan (Estep)! Haven't read the Anita Blake one, though.

  18. Of COURSE that happened LOL - obviously, that is your link, not mine haha. Sorry!

  19. I stopped reading Anita after ALL the sex too. It just got ridiculous. Thanks for stopping by:) I'm an old follower.

  20. Lol! Another Anita Blake comment. She is popular today!
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  21. DITTO!!! I loved Anita and Jean-Claude!!! Then I stopped at book 8 because of horrible Richard! I read spoilers and heard about the "ardeur" and was like WTF! I will never read another book. In my mind it ended with Anita and JC HEA!
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  22. Never read this series, just hopping by.

  23. i actually haven't read any of those!!

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  24. I totally agree with you I have the same problem but Still I'll read the next one, I always want to know if it will change a little.

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  25. Oh no! I have NEVER read an Anita Blake book! I know they are not bad I just haven't read one. No excuses.
    New to your blog (I once had a kitty named Gizmo, I love and miss him sooo much!) will def be back l8r.
    Have a gr8 weekend <3
    *My F&F*