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Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout (Covenant # 2)

Alexandria (Alex) Andros is the supposed second coming of the Apollyon. What that truly means for her in the end has yet to be determined. In the meantime, Alex is forced to alternate training between Aiden St. Delphi, her pure blood lust, and Seth, her fated partner who is supposedly going to be the beneficiary when Alex’s new powers kick in on her 18th birthday. 

Alex is also dealing with constant nightmares after her experiences at Gatlinburg that have forced her to question her own actions. Others have started treating her like a pariah and she also has to face reality that the Daemon’s are increasing their attacks on the Covenant just as her own mother, whom she killed in Half-Blood, predicted would happen. This means forced testing of all half-bloods and restrictions on their movements, more so for Alex since the higher ups truly don’t trust her.

This book is chalked full of emotion for each character. There are some good scenes, and scenes in which the author leaves you balling your eyes out after certain character dies. There is, of course, the dreaded and hated love triangle which I don’t see any sort of resolution to anytime soon. No matter who I choose, I will end up on the losing team when all is said and done. It’s become apparent that I am in the minority when it comes to my dislike for them.

Alex also has to face the wrath of the Council of Elders in New York for her own actions in Gatlinburg where she killed her mother but her actions have come into question. The last part of this book really showed that not everyone is thrilled by the announcement that she is the next coming of the Apollyon. It was also the best part, by far, of the entire book. I enjoyed the tension that Alex was going to be a target for as long as she continues to breathe and that the real villains have yet to be revealed.

This book was kind of frustrating for me at times as well, especially the first third of the book. Alex knows that there are those who want to see her fail, and yet, she continually breaches etiquette and gets herself and others into trouble. When she gets into trouble this time around, someone very close to her ends up dead at the hands of the Daemons. Alex forgets that there are those who want to see her as nothing more than a servant, and not allow her to come into her powers.

In the end, however, the book truly is about choices and who Alex will eventually end up with and whether or not Alex and Seth can really stop the Daemons from their attacks on the Covenant.

Although I enjoy Aiden, he frustrates me to no end. Yes Yes, we all know by know that if you and Alex get together, Alex will end up dead. Yes, there were several awesome scenes that showed that Aiden really does have true feelings for her. Even after a major battle in New York, Aiden goes out of his way to protect Alex from being killed. But, what does this mean to the overall scheme of things?

As for Seth, well, let’s just say that I’m not completely sold on him. Seth is an arrogant cuss who has all this new knowledge that soon he will be more powerful than any being should be allowed to be. Yes, he stands by Alex when she nearly has a breakdown because of a loss of a dear friend. Naturally, the ending leaves readers wanting to know more, or give up the series entirely.

I can’t say I want to change Alex all that much even though she clearly needs to get her act together. While she is impertinent, selfish, and reckless and does things without thinking about the consequences, she is also strong willed, and has good intentions overall. She’s come a long way in her training, and kicked some serious Fury ass in the end. 

Pure leaves some questions that I would love to see answers to; 

Who are the powers that were mentioned in the book? What do they want with two apollyons? Do they intend an all out war on the missing Gods?

Title: Pure
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Release Date: April 3, 2012

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