Monday, April 16, 2012

ReVamped by Ada Adams (Angel Creek # 1)


Revamped is the story about 19-year old Dawn Fairchild the only daughter of the US Vampire President Alastair Fairchild. She is a born vampire which makes her unique and extremely strong and able to hold her own against a slew of vampires.

Dawn has been trained since she was a toddler in the martial arts, the use of katana and crossbows, foreign languages and the ability, if necessary, to be Alastair’s second-in-command or lead a vampire army against the resurgent rogue vampires.

Only a few born vampires are made each generation. Born vampires can choose to live a more human life which includes experiencing both birth and death. Because of the rarity of her birth and other secrets, Alastair has kept her a short lease within the Scarlet House complex.

In the world created by Ada Adams, it is the year 2015 and vampires and humans have lived alongside each other since the spring of 2012 when the brave started announcing their existence to the world. A large majority of vampires are considered to be celebrities and appear on such shows as Next Vamp Idol and Transylvania Shore. Others end up with organizations like Vampires without Borders.

When Alastair tasks Dawn to ReVamp the remaining vampires of Angel Creek into a cohesive guardian unit, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. As excited as Dawn is about retraining and re-forming a new guardian unit, it’s not as easy as she believes. Dangers in the form of werewolves, rogue vampires, and humans working together with vampires to make a power drug called Vampiricol that would one day make vampires expendable, stand in Dawns way.

The inexperienced vampires include: cheerleader Brooke Mason, librarian Sophie Reed, addict Hunter Woods, and gamer Seth Lee who is a reluctant vampire accidentally turned by Brooke. Then there’s the dangerous and mysterious Sebastian York a vampire who refuses to join Dawn’s new rag tag team of guardians under any circumstances.

If that wasn't enough to peek your interest, Dawn discovers bartender Ethan Summers a human who is charming, good looking and is carrying around a big secret that is later revealed in the climax of the story.

Yet, it is Dawn’s relationship with Sebastian that peeked my interest since they have so much in common. 

Adams story is fraught with mystery, suspense, action, yes, romance, and shouldn’t be considered anything near being Twilight-esque. Yes, vampires are able to be out in the sunshine, but, only if they eat a lot of garlic! There are drinks called Blood Cola and Blood Juice that are able to sustain a vampire until real blood is necessary. 

ReVamped is a fast paced story which I finished in one sitting. Dawn is an interesting character and one that readers should enjoy learning more about. She is determined, sassy, strong, innocent at times, and a kick ass heroine rivaling Cat from the Cat & Bones series.

The mystery surrounding her birth was a doozy of a reveal and one that I didn’t see coming. Even though this is the first book of a new series, I didn’t feel weighed down by any unnecessary background or world building that Adams has created. Definitely looking forward to seeing where Adams takes this series after a doozy of an ending to this book.

The second book in the series has been announced to be ReAwakened.

Paperback300 pages
Published February 20th 2012


  1. Oh this sounds like a good read. I have it on my kindle. But hadn't really read a review for it

  2. It was sitting on my TBR listing since it was released. Just found it on Amazon for a reasonable price. Figured I needed a break from all the other books I have to read before the end of this month!

  3. This book is jam-packed full of action and mystery. It really keeps you on your toes the whole way through. I read it in a couple of hours and barely looked up from it once. I just needed to know more! I really enjoyed following Dawn as she learned more about herself and her family and really didn't see most of it coming. I liked that it was unpredictable as it really keeps you rushing forward. Adams is a brilliant writer. Her writing is smooth and engaging. It was actually quite a pleasure just to read and get lost in.

    I loved the world that ReVamped is set in. Humans know about vampires and have more than accepted them- they've embraced them! I loved all the pop culture references, including the vampire fad being the reason for it being easy for vampires to come out of hiding after so many centuries. Lots of little things about this world made me laugh and I had a smirk on my face for most of the first half. It was really clever and enjoyable!