Thursday, August 30, 2012

Early Review - The Kingmaker by Clay & Susan Griffith

Every once in a while, I get stuck in annoying hyperbole with my reviews, or attempt to write something that is so simple it makes my head explode. This time I shall be brief and to the point with my thoughts and review.

In my humble opinion, The Kingmaker is a bloody brilliant ending to a marvelous series that has everything you can ask for. It has epic and bloody battles, intrigue, and treachery, deception, and betrayal at the most important times possible. It also has love and long lasting friendships with real meaning to them. Of course, it also has vampires, and steampunk a combination I am quickly falling in love with.

I could say all sorts of wishy washy stuff about how absolutely awesome this series is. I could say how awesome and stupendous Gareth and Adele are together and that it's a shame that the trilogy is now over. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the couple and the struggles they have coming in future months, and years.

I would gush about the fact that Adele has become something of a super heroine with her geomancy abilities to crush the vampires like they were bugs on a windshield. I would also say that she’s grown into an awesome character with little character flaws, and none of that Mary Sue bullshit that some heroines in this genre end up falling into.

I would also say that I absolutely loved General Anhalt and how he stuck with Adele through thick and thin and didn't really care about the fact that Gareth aka Greyfrair was a vampire who was fighting against his own kind for humanities sake. The man risked his life and limb for Adele more times than I can count and somehow survives until the very end!

I loved the world building and storytelling that Clay and Susan have put together. I loved learning about the secondary characters that play such an important role in this book. I loved the fact that you could feel the emotion when Adele learns of the betrayal by someone really close to her and then learns that she is the end all to a nefarious scheme that started with her own mother.

You could say, after reading this ending, that there are many more story-lines that COULD be told. But, by ending the series now, the authors don't get caught in a situation where they can't get out of. There are too many series out there today that keep going like the Everready bunny and I end up abandoning them for silly plots and idiotic storylines.

Thank you Clay and Susan for an awesome series!

HIGHLY recommended to those who love Steampunk, Romance, and Adventure.

*Recv'd from PYR on 07/10/2012*
*Expected publication: September 4th 2012 by Prometheus

Title - The Kingmaker
Authors - Clay & Susan Griffith
Publisher - Prometheus
Release Date - September 4, 2012


  1. I know how much you're looking forward to this. Glad to read it met your expectations.

  2. glad to know you had a blast w/ this book . i hope to read book1 soon