Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Early Review - River Road by Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson’s River Road takes place 3 years after the conclusion of Royal Street. Wizard Drusilla Jaco (DJ) is now the co-sentinel of New Orleans along with Alex Warin who maintains his job as an enforcer. DJ once again finds herself at the center of the action when pirate Jean LaFitte asks DJ for her help in solving a dispute between mer people who are blaming each other for the Mississippi river being poisoned. Since DJ owes Jean for saving her life, she feels a sort of obligation to return the help request even though Alex has severe reservations.

If that weren’t enough to keep your interest in the book, two Green Congress Wizards turn up dead and DJ and Alex are forced to investigate and discover who is behind the murders. On top of all this, Jake, now a loup-garou, is back in town and making advances towards DJ which complicates matters even more.

DJ’s Elven stick plays an important role in getting to the bottom of what is actually happening in and around the Mississippi Delta. She also learns that the stick may be more important than originally thought and there is now a storm brewing over the importance of DJ’s stick to the Elven race.

DJ has grown a lot since the first book, and can better understand what is happening around her and how to solve the problem at hand. It also doesn’t hurt to have several willing assistants to guide her along the way. She still has lingering doubts over the loss of her father and mentor Gerry and wonders how much stuff he truly kept from her.

The one constant in this series is the fact that DJ is surrounded by enough suitors to keep her occupied for a very long time. First, there is the enigmatic Jean LaFitte who is constantly trying to get DJ to dress differently, act differently, and above all, give up the other men in her life and be with him. Jean is a decent enough character that you really can’t blame him for being a card. Next up is Alex who runs hot and cold. Usually hot when it comes to other men like Jean or Jake putting DJ into difficult situations. Jake is the wild card because of his temperament. He doesn’t know if or when his loup-garou side will flare up and put DJ in danger.

Some readers may or may not figure out who the villain is before the climatic conclusion to this book and that is totally fine. I would tell you to keep notes on the various characters since we are introduced to a plethora of new and reoccurring characters who play important roles in DJ’s life.

In the end, this is a pretty decent read with lots of action and quick pacing. The setting of New Orleans has been one of my favorites for a very long time. I love how this particular author genuinely seems to care about what is happening around her hometown. If you loved Royal Street, you will be happy to find out that this book is even better.  

Title - River Road
Author - Suzanne Johnson
Publisher - Tor Books
Releases - November 13, 2012 


  1. True this one is even better that's for sure but reading royal street first helps a lot too

    to recommend^^

  2. I love books based in New Orleans, I've never been but that's the fun of books, right? :) I guess i'm going to have to pick up royal street first b/c I love wizards and elves and all that!
    -Amanda from

  3. I suck! I haven't finished book 1 yet.