Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Release Day Review - House Rules by Chloe Neill

I received “House Rules” in advance of my participation in the House Rules Blog Tour (February 5, 2013). I have enjoyed this series from the very beginning, and yes, have had my moments of hesitation in continuing this series after Chloe Neill made a certain decision and then corrected the error of her ways. Nice way of saying that she jumped the shark and put the VW into reverse and made it right again.

I still enjoy reading about Merit and her struggles as well as the emotional baggage that she continues to carry as a fledgling vampire who was forcibly turned. She continues to shine as Sentinel of the House of Cadogan keeping the vampires of Cadogan safe from those who intentionally mean them harm.

Readers of the Chicagoland Vampire series understand that Neill loves to test the relationship and boundaries between Ethan Sullivan and Merit on a book by book basis and House Rules is no exception to that rule. The one thing that Neill does well is give Merit and Ethan remarkable make-up sex while throwing in different characters like Lacey Sheridan and Jonah in the middle of things to make Merit question not only her worth as a vampire, but as a woman as well.

House Rules, in essence, is a murder mystery novel with supernatural aspects and a not so subtle villain if you pay close attention. As with most readers, I am actually hoping that the events surrounding this book mean that the shenanigans with the GP and Darius West are nearly finished now that Cadogan has decided to decertify itself from the GP realm of responsibility and gone Rogue.

Neill now has to deal with the issue of McKetrick and Mayor Kowalcyzk and their continued hatred of the supernaturals that call Chicago home. McKetrick has become even more of a hassle and challenge for Merit after this book. I look forward to the final battle between the warriors and Merit rising up from the ashes in victory.

I’m happy to see that Merit finally found her nerve and actually made good on her promise to Jonah in regards to joining the Red Guard. I like Jonah and hope that he and Merit work together again soon and often. I also think it’s finally time to give Mallory a break. I think House Rules has shown that she knows the errors of her ways and it’s time to let her move on. This book is hopeful that Merit and Mallory will once again become good friends like before she went all evil for two books.

As always, I’m thankful to NAL Penguin for providing me with a copy of this book in lieu of an honest review in return. 
Author - Chloe Neill
Title - House Rules (Chicagoland Vampires # 7)
Publisher - NAL Trade
Release Date - February 5, 2013
Genre - Urban Fantasy, Vampires

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