Monday, October 7, 2013

*Review* Tempt the Stars (Cassandra Palmer #6) by Karen Chance

"If something can't go wrong, because it is completely impossible for it to happen in the first place, it will somehow manage to go wrong anyway."

Tempt The Stars is the sixth novel in the Cassandra Palmer series and ONCE again, leaves us with a cliffhanger that annoyed and bothered me all at the same time especially since it has been over 2 years since a Cassie Palmer novel was released in June 2011. Six books in and only 3 months have passed since Cassie has become the newly crowned Pythia (world's chief seer) and learned the truth behind who her mother really was. 

Six books and Cassie still hasn't been trained yet, and continues to get herself into situations where if she had a bit of training, she wouldn't need anyone else's assistance. Six books in and she is so enamoured with Mircea, that she can't, nor won't see her real connection right in front of her. Yes, I am speaking of John Pritkin the war mage who is supposed to also be her Circle appointed bodyguard, and personal trainer but, as I clearly am not a fan of Mircea's jealously and hold on Cassie, I'll take Pritkin's presence any day of the week and on Sunday.

One of the main characteristic changes for Cassie is that she doesn't feel the need to run away and hide anymore. Not with her ability to transition through time and from one location to another. If you are looking for major scenes with Mircea, might I suggest that you lessen your enthusiasm and just roll with it. Personally, I am glad that this story is more or less Cassie's journey to not only rescue Pritkin from his father's hell, but also to seek answers from her long dead mother and father. I also appreciated that Chance added a new element to the series by introducing a witch coven that wasn't exactly thrilled to have been left out of Cassie's coronation, or her Pythia court or the fact that Cassie was kept in the dark like a mushroom without light for most of her life and therefore untrained in using magic to defend herself against threats.

I've been a fan of this series from the beginning, and won't just abandon it because I don't agree with certain aspects. I will say that it's nice to have the added presence of Jonas Marsden and Caleb along for the ride. Then, of course, there are the vampires like Marco who continue to TRY to protect Cassie from everyone wanting to hurt her, but aren't all that successful because Cassie is too independent minded, and has a desire to rush into things with her eyes closed. 

Tempt the Stars is filled with action sequences, and adventure. You are barely able to take a breath before Cassie and gang are thrown into one death defying situation after another. One of the best is when Cassie, Pritkin, Casanova and Caleb are on a magic carpet ride through the demon dimension being chased by Pritkin's fathers hoards. Yes, that in fact DID happen. 

So, it was revealed today (10/05/2013) on Twitter that book # 7 will be called Reap the Wind and will be released sometime in 2014. I'm actually glad since waiting nearly 2 years between books doesn't give me great feelings towards continuing the series.

08/13/2013 Approved via NetGalley. Expected publication: October 1st 2013 by Signet Select (first published 2013)

Author - Karen Chance
Title - Tempt the Stars (Cassandra Palmer # 6)
Publisher - Signet Select
Released - October 1, 2013
Genre - Urban Fantasy

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