Thursday, May 14, 2015

*Book Review* Catch Me by Parker Blue (YA Urban Fantasy)

Series: Demon Underground # 6
Publisher: Bell Bride Books
Released: April 21, 2015
Source: NetGalley
Format: E-Book, 222 pages
Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy


Her loyalties will be tested.

What's a vampire slayer to do when San Antonio's vampire leader goes missing and rogue vampires are suddenly on the rise? Find him and bring him back--no matter what the cost--before the vacuum of power pits vampire against vampire in a deadly showdown for supremacy with her boyfriend Austin's immortal life at stake.

When she discovers that her ex, Shade, may have been "accidentally" responsible, Val Shapiro's problems take on a whole new dimension and her loyalty to everyone in her life will be tested.

Catch Me is the Sixth installment in the Demon Underground series by Parker Blue. The series features 18-year old Val Shapiro who is a vampire slayer, Paladin for the Demon Underground, keeper of the Encyclopedia Magicka books, and a 1/8 succubus that she calls Lola. Lola gives Val some amazing abilities, which she had lost in previous installments due to wrong choices. Val has the ability to control both demons and vampires alike.

Ability to be quick and enhanced strength. Abilities that come in handy when she has to deal with an infestation of Rogue vampires who target the New Blood Movement leadership looking to take over San Antonio where this series is set. Abilities she needs to use in order to get the New Blood Movements leader, Alejandro, back after being accidentally sent to the demon realm by a certain mopping demon.

I don't think this series gets enough credit. Perhaps it's the way the books have been scheduled at irregular times since 2008. I think Val and her trusty hellhound Fang are truly entertaining and that's why I continue to read this series. I do like Val and Fang's banter. He, at times, is her consciousness and her reason for pushing forward instead of walking away and going on an extended vacation. He also can be a bit of a smart ass, and has made his own mistakes that Val is just getting around to forgiving him for. 

I like that Val has moved on from her ex-Dan Sullivan, and Shade who is suffering after Dare Me. I like that she's kind of timid about her relationship with Austin, who is one of the Movement's lieutenants. I also like that Val has a new friend in Ivy Weiss, a new demon who arrives from Sedona. Ivy is able to gleam information from gemstones and rocks, which absolutely comes in handy. I like that there are connections between the two of girls, especially now that Val's former roommate Gwen was forcibly turned into a vampire against her will, and is now living and working with the vampires.

I like her interaction with her own inner thoughts. She puzzles over right and wrong and what course of action she should take. Does she follow her heart, her instinct, or does she listen to those like Micah that she has pledged to work for? Val has had an unusual 6 months. Her family kicked her out of her house, her step-father and sister were nearly turned into vampires, she lost her job at SCU after her true identity and loyalties came to light. She found herself struggling with her own identity as both slayer and succubus. She is very stubborn, and compassionate about her abilities as the Slayer and saving her friends from enemies that crawl out of the woodwork. Without her Lola powers, she might as well be just another pretty face.  

This is yet another short novel at 222 pages. I do hope that Blue releases another book sooner rather than later. There are a whole lot of loose ends that need to be tied up. I also want to see where this connection between Val and Austin leads, especially now that she's been given a third job as liaison between the three factions in San Antonio. I do wish that the family angle gets fixed. If would be nice if Val could have piece of mind knowing that they really do care, no matter who, or what she is.

**I received this book for free from (Bell Bridge Books) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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