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#Wednesday Review - Mind Games by Heather W. Petty #YALit, #Mystery @heatherwpetty @SimonKIDS

Series: Lock & Mori # 2
Format: E-Galley, 304 pages
Release Date: December 6th 2016
Publisher: Simon & Schuster BYR
Source: Edelweiss/Publisher
Genre: YA, Mysteries

Sherlock Holmes and Miss James “Mori” Moriarty may have closed their first case, but the mystery is far from over in the thrilling sequel to Lock & Mori, perfect for fans of Maureen Johnson and Sherlock.

You know their names. Now discover their beginnings.

Mori’s abusive father is behind bars…and she has never felt less safe. Threatening letters have started appearing on her doorstep, and the police are receiving anonymous tips suggesting that Mori—not her father—is the Regent’s Park killer. To make matters worse, the police are beginning to believe them.

Through it all, Lock—frustrating, brilliant, gorgeous Lock—is by her side. The two of them set out to discover who is framing Mori, but in a city full of suspects, the task is easier said than done. With the clock ticking, Mori will discover just how far she is willing to go to make sure that justice is served, and no one—not even Lock—will be able to stop her.

Mind Games, by author Heather W. Petty, is the second installment in the Lock & Mori series. This series is a modern day take on the Sir Arthur Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and his would be criminal mastermind & nemesis Professor James Moriarty. In this retelling, James Moriarty is a 16-year old female with a brilliant mind for the maths, while 16-year old Sherlock remains the same aloof, intelligent, but nerdy detective who takes on strange and unusual cases. 

It has been two weeks since Mori's father, Detective Sergeant James Moriarty, was stopped from killing her and now is tied up in prison for killing her con artist mother Emily Moriarty, and Mori's best friend. Yet, things aren't exactly all rosie and peaceful for Mori. The police have had some interesting takes on the fact that Mori, not James, may have been involved in the killings. Mori's father definitely has some allies within the PD who want him freed. 

They also claim that key witnesses have come forward with information that could land Mori in jail, while Mori gets several strange letters cataloging her supposed sins, including tossing her mother's sword into the lake. Thankfully, Mori has been given permission to live alone, and her brothers now have Alice Stokes, her mothers best friend, as their guardian to watch over. Alice was introduced in the previous installment, and has now put herself firmly into bringing Mori into her grifting group which her mother belonged to. 

Mori hasn't exactly forgiven Sherlock "Lock" Holmes for interfering in her plans, even though he saved her life. She considers his actions to be a lack of trust and betrayal, and that betrayal hangs over their interactions. Mori 's relationship with Lock is the saving grace for this story even with all. I say that because he is the only one, besides her 3 brothers, who doesn't look at her like she's responsible for anything but being a responsible young adult who did the right thing in stopping her father. Lock, I believe, truly loves Mori with all his heart. 

But, with someone trying to tear Mori apart, Mori can't let her heart or emotions get close to Lock until she finds out who is trying to destroy her. And, that mystery, my friends, is kept so tightly wrapped up, that you don't get the drastic revelation until the very last chapter. Let's not forget about Lock. Lock has his own issues that are really sad. His relationship with Mycroft probably should be at the forefront, but it's definitely more of a story of two passing ships who have the same last name.

Holy, Hot Damn! Give me the next book, quickly! 

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