Monday, December 5, 2016

#Monday Review - Dragon Spawn by Eileen Wilks #Paranormal #Romance @eileenmwilks @BerkleyRomance

Series: World of the Lupi # 13
Format: E-Galley, 336 pages
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Urban Fantasy

The New York Times bestselling author of Mind Magic returns as FBI agent Lily Yu gets some very bad news…

Lily learns she was right. Tom Weng—a powerful sorcerer allied with the Old One who keeps trying to take over the world—is still alive. But that's not the worst. Weng is a dragon spawn, the product of a botched hatching given a human form in an attempt to keep him from going mad. A failed attempt.

Meanwhile, Lily’s husband Rule is facing a Challenge to the death. Then there’s the possible reappearance of another sorcerer. But none of that matters when their enemy strikes out of nowhere in the worst way possible. Lily must face a nightmare and return to a place she never wanted to see again. The place where she died.

Dragon Spawn, by author Eileen Wilks, is the 13th installment in the World of the Lupi series. This is a story where the hits start from the very beginning, and don't end until the cliffhanger ending, which I believe is the first of its kind in this series. Right from the start, Lily Yu, Unit 12 Special Agency, Chosen, & mate to Rule Tanner, has her job cut out for her. From a surprising visit from someone Cullen has been searching for, to the not so shocking fact that her mortal enemy Tom Weng, who works for the Great Bitch, is alive and well after surviving their previous encounter.

On the other side of things, Rule is facing a life or death challenge to his role as Rho of the Leidolf Clan. Funny how that comes about on top of the world crashing down around the Lupi's heads. But, never say that Wilks writes a boring story! Then there is Sam. Sam, the black dragon who has so much information at his disposal, that he always seems to drag it out until something horrifying is going to happen. And, horrifying is the way the Great Bitch and her allies go after the FBI, and the children of the Lupi, including Rule's own son, and Cynna's newborn Ryder.

One could say that this story is the opening salvo in the war we readers have been patiently waiting for since Lily met Helen who tried to kill her. The Great Bitch's actions cause Lily, Rule, Cullen, Benedict, Cynna, and Gan, who arrives to help, off to the land of Dis where Lily once faced her own mortality. One of the things that is most interesting is the dragon's history and how the Dragon Spawn like Tom came to be made. You have to hand it to Wilks, even after 13 novels in this series, she has a way to make her stories fresh, and her action palpable and lively. There is no such thing as down time in this story. Our heroes are pushed to their limits, and even tough there are major issues, Lily and Rule's love is still going strong. The one thing that is good about a cliffhanger ending, is that we know that Wilks has yet another installment up her sleeves. Can't wait!

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