Monday, March 5, 2012

BBPCON 2012 is coming soon!

BBPCON: Book Blogger’s and Publisher’s Online Conference

March 7-11
Join in at:

This is my first Book Blogger’s and Publisher’s Online Conference and wanted to pass the word around to those who may also be interested in joining me.

There are panels to discuss negative reviews, contacting publishers, legal aspects of blogging, and so much more. The conference is coming around again, March 7-11 and I will once again be joining in.

Whether you are a veteran blogger, or brand new to the world of book blogging, this conference is a great tool to building your blog.

Registration is only $45, and attendees receive books as well. The value is there, don’t miss this conference.

Here is a list of some of the panel speakers so far:

  • Sue Grimshaw- Random House Publishing Group
  • Jennifer Bonnell- Penguin YA Editor
  • Linday Rudnickas- NetGalley
  • Kristen Lamb- Wana Consulting
  • Don Dauria- Samhain Publishing
  • Kate Lied- Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Ariel Tachna- Dreamspinner Press
  • Danielle Poiesz- Book Country

Well, we know that I’m planning on attending, how about you? Join in and register at:

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