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Wicked Circle by Linda Robertson


In this story, Persephone ends up having to deal with not only her mother Eris who has come back into her life after being gone for most of her life, but, problems facing Johnny and Menessos as well.

On the home front, Eris demands that Seph show more affection than she’s capable of. Think about it, her mother left her behind, and didn’t bother telling her where she went, or why she left in the first place. Then, on top of everything, she was responsible for the tattoos which Johnny has all over his body which contained his memories, and she has a teenaged son named Lance who wants nothing to do with Seph.

It has become apparent that Persephone must also help Menessos against accusations by Heldridge Ellington that he is under her control. VEIN (Vampire Executive International Network) decides to investigate using the Shabbubitum (3 vampire harpies) who have been hidden away and bound for their own good.

The Shabbubitum are able to dig deep and discover the hidden truth that Menessos is hiding from everyone, including his own coven which may lead to his downfall of leader of his own coven.

*The POV*

-Persephone Alcmedi, Lustrata of the Witches, is said to be the one to reunite the supernatural races together. Hecate is her goddess and her goddess has some awesome powers to help Seph out of troubling situations.

Seph has helped waerewolf Johnny Newman unlock his powers and become the Dom Lupe at the expense of being called an betrayer to her own race of witches who believe that she’s nothing more than a whore of Babylon with two men she can’t seem to make a choice between. They also believe that she’s under the control of the master vampire leader Menessos, which is far from the truth.

Seph is also part of a triumvirate with wolf king Johnny and Vamp leader Menessos after helping defeat the Fey.

-Johnny Newman, the Dom Lupe waerewolf, finally gets the approval to rise to the position of king after proving his worth over the previous books. Newman’s own background is a steeped in mystery. He lost 8 ½ years of his life after being attacked by a ware and changed and then tattooed by a mysterious person who has not yet been revealed.

Robertson explorers more of Newman’s past and what actually happened to him and what he left behind thanks to a surprise visitor. This was actually interesting to me. Of course, now that Johnny’s secret is out, there will be trouble ahead from those not fully happy with Johnny’s ascension to the top. Also, Seph and Johnny’s relationship has hit rock bottom after he attacked her while in his ware facade.

-Menessos is the first vampire with the abilities of a witch. Seph and he have a rocky history together over the first 4 books but it appears that the relationship has actually grown closer.

He was the one who made the Shabbubitum thousands of years ago and now they want revenge against him. Menessos started out as the bad guy who has found a place in Seph’s heart and life. His position as leader of his own coven comes crashing down after it is discovered that Seph bound him not once, but twice.

-One of the other points of view is from Kurt Miller who is an investigator for the Specialized Squadron for Tactical Investigations of Venocrime. Without spoiling anything, Johnny and Millers paths cross since they are both from Saranac Lake, New York where Johnny was bitten and changed.

Wicked Circle is not a standalone book. It’s the fifth book in the Persephone Alcmedi series by Linda Robertson. Unfortunately, it has one too many points of views for my taste. I don’t mind a few points of views, but when you end up with four, that’s too much and it kind of takes away from the overall storyline.

My tastes, of course, are subjective and I hope that nobody takes offense to my dislike for them. It’s also my profound dislike for 3-way love triangles that has caused my rating not to be any higher than it is.

There is an introduction of a character who Seph and others call the Creepy dude. I think his story was the most appealing and yes, scarier than hell. I’m still wondering who he is, and what sort of deal Menessos made with him to protect Seph. Plus, he continued to claim that he was there to help HER know her ultimate powers as well.

It will be interesting to see where this series goes from here now that Johnny is discovering more about his past, while Seph and Menessos discover how they truly feel about the other.

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