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Review: Celebrity In Death by J.D. Robb (In Death # 34)

Celebrity in Death once again finds Lt. Eve Dallas, of the NYPSD, in the middle of a hot button murder investigation. When the actress portraying Detective Delia Peabody is found murdered, it is up to Eve to figure out who the killer was and what the motivation was. The Icove Agenda is a film based on one of Eve's more famous cases, and was written by Nadine Furst the reporter who gets a lot of her information from Eve.

The murder victim, K.T. Harris, is one of the more unsympathetic victims you will find in this series. Before her death, she was mean, angry, a blackmailer, an addict, a liar, and one who resorted to lying and blaming others for her problems. Had the murder not happened while Eve and crew were there at a party for the movie, the murder would have probably gone unreported by those who worked with her.

The mystery surrounding the actual villain was played nicely and succinctly right until the end. It wasn't until Eve and Roarke started digging into his past, that Aha! moment came to light.

I love Eve's character. She's still not settled over the fact that she killed her own father who had abused her until she killed him with her own two hands. She also had a hand in the death of her own mother who wasn't all that decent to begin with. She has nightmares almost nightly about her past. She's far from perfect and is a smart ass and cynic. She's feminine, yet understated. She hates all the fuss and muss over putting make up on and dressing up for social events where her husband Roarke is known throughout the galaxy. I also really love her partnership and friendship with Delia Peabody.

Peabody has come along way and now can stand on her own right when it comes to standing up for the victims of murder. She's no longer the timid police officer who stood in Eve's shadow. Her relationship with Ian McNabb has moved into a whole new stage, and I'm really hoping that one day the two of them will tie the knot.

The In Death series has moved a bunch of characters into the background. Mavis, Trina, Leonardo, and Nadine Furst are really just after thoughts who just happened to be part of Eve's extended family. Mira probably plays as an important role to Eve's sanity as Roarke does.

As for Roarke, how can anyone not love him to pieces? He, like Eve, came from a miserable background. It was filled with poverty, hunger, violent abuse and the hands of his own father. He became a street rat, thief, pick pocket and operator. Ever since meeting and falling in love with Eve, he's closed off his past, and made sure nothing can touch her. I love the fact that he knows how to settle her down when she has her nightmares, and when things don't go as planned. Besides, how can you not love half drunken sex?

Celebrity in Death, while not the best novel in the series, was still entertaining. One wonders, however, how much longer this series can be churned out by Robb before she tires of it, and decides to do something else entirely. Let's hope by that time, that Eve gets over her skittish behavior towards children.

Author:  J D Robb
Title:  Celebrity in Death
Publisher: Putnam Adult
Released:  February 21, 2012

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