Friday, July 27, 2012

Early Review - Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Imprint: Walker Books for Young Readers
Pub Date: August 21, 2012 

Beautiful Lies is really an experiment in madness. You presume that you are reading the story from one characters POV, then, suddenly it changes to the other. Then when you least expect it, you are once again thrown into disarray when the ending hits you upside the head like a two by four. I would recommend that you throw out all preconceived notions you may have read about this book, and let your mind do the walking through this psychological intrigue.

I'll be brutally honest---I am totally confused right now. I'm not sure if the main character's POV was Rachel's, or Alice's. Or was the whole thing a freaking dream-scape that was all made up in the warped mind of one of the characters? I would seriously like to have a psychiatrist of psychologist read this book and interrupt it's dark meaning

Here's the story about identical twins (Alice & Rachel) who are unlike any other. They shared the same placenta, and amniotic sac and somehow survived against all odds. They can pretty much tell when the other is hurt, or how they are feeling. Yet, they are both sneaky enough to keep secrets from the other. When one disappears while out with their friends, it's up to the other twin to figure out what happened and why. One of the twins actually has the ability to sense things other people couldn't. In other words, she's a sensitive. She can actually feel the emotions and pain the other one is experiencing.

The ending of this book has me smacking on my head against the desk. While you think it's one character telling the story, it could actually be the other one. I'm not sure whether to applaud the authors sick sense of humor and creativity or to be truly upset that I couldn't figure out who was who, and what was actually happening.

This book is so twisted and discombobulated that it made my head spin like I was possessed like Linda Blair. I'm seriously thinking that Warman purposefully made this book confusing just to laugh at all the readers who would then have to go online and put the book into words. The Jokes on you Ms Warman!


  1. I couldn't wait to read this book. I just loved Between. But it sounds a bit creepier than I like it to be... Thanks for the review!

  2. You just echoed everything I felt about this book! LOL. I'm linking your review to mine as a second opinion.