Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Early Review - Jocelyn Adam's Shadowborn

Lila Gray has an interesting ability to sense and control minds around her. She really isn’t close to her own people the Seelie Sidhe, and treats them like secondary citizens pushing them away and not giving them a chance to know about her. The Captain of her Guard, Mannix (Nix), has fallen hard for her and tries to muscle Liam Kane, the king of the Unseelie Sidhe and Lila's lover, out of the picture with his constant rants and raves. Liam has been a bit distant as well, and as we find out, not all is well in the land of the Unseelie Sidhe.

This puts another stressful situation on top of learning about her abilities or cumhacht and trying to maintain a coalition with the human race while trying to unite the Fae under one flag. If that weren’t enough, Lila learns that a group called the Shadowborn has attacked humans and has their sights set on her for their masters. It will be up to Lila to use her abilities to save not only herself, but those who have been taken by the Shadowborn.

The world that Lila Gray resides in could be considered dystopian in nature. Thanks to Parthalan, humans started a war that lead to a global economic collapse. It is up to Lila and allies to find a way to stop the genocide and help rebuild humanity before it’s lost forever.

Shadowborn is a fast paced read that should be considered for mature audiences only. I would categorize this series as New Adult. Lila is a tough and fierce character who really doesn’t give a crap who she pisses off. She definitely has a mouth and attitude that just won’t stop. Lila is forced to learn about her role as queen of the Fae fast in order to defeat the Shadowborn. She must also forgive herself for the deaths of her family which she continues to hold herself responsible for. If that weren’t enough, she still suffers deep emotional strife over Parthalan whom she is still connected to and must learn about the darkness that is right under the surface ready to explode in all its glory.

I would definitely recommend that future readers of this series start with The Glass Man before taking on Shadowborn. No, I am not trying to drive sales, and no, I am not being paid by the writer or publisher to push this book. I firmly believe that you need to start from the first book of the series in order to get an idea on how the writer builds her characters and world building. In this case, Lila changes a full 180 degrees from when where met her at the beginning of The Glass Man, to the end of Shadowborn.

I’m definitely looking forward to the last book in the series called Rise of the Magi which releases October 4th 2013 to learn more about Lila, Liam, Cas and Brigh who was introduced in Shadowborn.

Expected publication: October 1st 2012 by J. Taylor Publishing

Author - Jocelyn Adams
Title - Shadowborn
Publisher - J.Taylor Publishing
Release date: October 1, 2012

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  1. Well, this sounds really good!!
    Im really digging the whole, New adult thing thats so up and coming, and Im fully trying to support it!!
    Great review, and ill check out The Glass Man first!! :)