Saturday, November 24, 2012

Geekomancy by Michael R Underwood (Ree Reyes # 1)

Geekomancy, by Michael R Underwood, is a wonderfully imaginative and creative story that science fiction geeks, like me, will absolutely love. The main character is a snarky, geeky, gamer, wannabe screenwriter who works as a barista at Café Xombi. Upon encountering a strange man (Eastwood) fighting a troll, Rhiannon (Ree) Reyes steps into a world filled with strange and unusual characters straight out of comic books and science fictions best known movies.

What will grab your attention, besides the cultural references to The Princess Bride, The Matrix, Star Trek, Firefly, and Star Wars, is how Ree unwittingly becomes a heroine of in her own right. She’s called a Geekomancer because of her ability to not only see what other people can’t see, but she also has the ability to make things such as memorabilia, costumes, and movies into weapons or gain fighting skills from watching them. How cool would it be to gain super hero powers just by watching the Matrix once? Seriously!

Ree’s partnership with Eastwood comes with various questions as to what his intentions really are in getting back his own time partner named Branwen Nic Catrin. I can’t reveal the true identity of Branwen or what happens in the end, since it would spoil a huge part of the story itself. Let’s just say that she’s liable to be important to both Ree and Eastwood and leave it at that.

I love the actual world building that Underwood has created. It takes a true Sci-Fi geek to understand the differences and references he writes about throughout the story. I really enjoyed Ree’s character. There is another character, Drake Winters, I should probably mention as well since he becomes an important part of Ree’s escapades and her life. I love Drake. I love the fact that he surrounds himself with loads of Steampunks best weapons and spent a huge chunk of his life stuck in Fairy. He is a gentleman straight out of Victorian England and he will boggle your mind with his commentary. I enjoyed the banter between Drake and Ree and hopefully, it will continue in the next installment of this series.

I don’t normally get involved in or read Fan-Fic novels, but this time around, I couldn’t help but enjoy the ride, and laugh along with the characters. I find myself hoping that the next book in this series is just as good as this one, if not better.

Author - Michael R Underwood
Title - Geekomancy (Ree Reyes # 1)
Publisher - Pocket Star
Released - July 10, 2012


  1. This book was so much fun. I de eloped an affinity for Ree & I sure wanted to visit the coffee shop. By the end of the book I was ra king my brain for what story/graphic novel I want to hijack so I can get super powers or something LOL

  2. I really enjoyed this one, it was a fun book. I agree with you.