Monday, November 12, 2012

Review - The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Megan Crewe’s “The Way We Fall” takes place on a small island community which is apparently part of Canada. The main character is 16 year old Kaelyn Weber who is pretty shy and withdrawn after losing her best friend named Leo 2 years earlier after he left for NYC. 

Kaelyn’s way of telling us the story is via her personal diary which she keeps close at hand. The chapters are short and show Kaelyn’s emotions as those around her slowly succumb to the virus’s impact and she struggles with her own mortality.

When Kaelyn’s island suddenly begins showing signs of a virus melding its way through the citizens, Kaelyn takes readers on a journey that ends with a mild cliffhanger, rather than answers the questions as to where the virus came from, and why Kaelyn and a few others seemed to have been immune to the virus itself. There is a presumptive answer as to why Doctors like Kaelyn’s father believe the survivors were able to fight off the virus, but, I shall not endeavor to spoil that aspect for you.

Thoughts - Are we supposed to believe this is a Dystopian novel where this virus will eventually travel across time and continents and end the world as we know it? Or, are we to presume that this virus perhaps is a man-made creation and the cure itself is in the blood of the few survivors on this Canadian Island that has been cut off from the world by the Canadian government, Public Health Agency, and the World Health Organization?

The Way We Fall is an interesting look into the life of Kaelyn Weber as she tries to explain to her best friend Leo what is really happening to her family and those that she runs into along the way. Kaelyn’s ability not to crack up under pressure was one of the saving graces of this story. Right up until the end, I was with Kaelyn and understood the emotional pain she was feeling, especially after tragedy hits home in the most devastating way possible. I could put myself into her shoes as she truly believed that there is nothing more she can do in this life, and wants to put an end to her own suffering. Who could have blamed the girl at this point?

While Kaelyn is an interesting enough character, Crewe, thankfully, introduces readers to Tessa Freedman, and Gavriel Reilly who both play important roles in not only keeping Kaelyn sane and busy, but in helping to save the population of their small Canadian Island.

This book is intended for the YA audience up to and including 18 years of age. There is action, romance, and a little mystery thrown in for good measure. The book isn’t that long at 309 pages so readers shouldn’t have a hard time trudging through the dull scenes to get to the important ones. 

**Note** I borrowed this book from my local library, thus no money transferred hands, and none was expected. **

Title - The Way We Fall
Author - Megan Crewe
Publisher - Disney-Hyperion
Released - January 24, 2012

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