Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review - The Weird Girls by Cecy Robson

Cecy Robson’s “The Weird Girls” introduces readers to four sisters (Celia, Emme, Shayna, & Taran) who were cursed by their aunt, and have come into some amazing powers which they have lived with since their parent’s died. 

The story focuses mainly on the oldest sister Celia Wird who is able to transform into a tigress, and has a huge problem around animals in that she can transform into whatever she touches. 

As for the background leading up to the novella’s Celia and her sisters have been traveling across the country as nurses and have finally found a place to settle down (Lake Tahoe). Right from the onset, you are thrown for a roller coaster ride of emotions as the sisters are confronted by very irate witches while out for drinks and a little fun and Celia is forced into three separate death defying challenges in order to survive and remain in Lake Tahoe.

The Weird Girls lays the foundation for the upcoming novel called Sealed with a Curse which releases December 31, 2012. I liked the fact that Celia has taken over the mantle of not only head of family, but protector as well. I liked the fact that Cecy has written Celia to be a fun, strong heroine who readers will enjoy learning more about. I also appreciated the fact that being a tigress shifter is something unique in this particular genre filled with werewolves, or Werecats, etc.

Understandably, there will be readers who will want to learn more about Taran who starts this book out with a whopping emotional mistake that leads to the stories heart and soul. Taran has the awesome ability to use mind influence which always comes in handy whenever you are in a pinch. Never fear my trusty followers; Cecy has your back, or your six, as they say in the military.

Definitely recommended for those who enjoy a little UF/PNR in their dietary requirement.

Author - Cecy Robson
Title - The Weird Girls Novella
Published by Penguin Group
Releases December 4, 2012


  1. I love Taran, unfortunately we have to wait for 4 more books before her story's told as per Cecy

    1. But fortunately, there's more Celia to keep you occupied. Right? RIGHT?

  2. I agree it was a nice introduction to the series and the first one is really good as well.

    1. Thank you, Melliane. I'm so happy you enjoyed my series. Still gushing over the great reviews. Thanks, again.