Sunday, December 16, 2012

Early Review - Blessed by A Demon's Curse (Kat Redding # 3)

“Blessed By A Demon’s Mark” picks up 3 months after the end of “Tainted Night, Tainted Blood.” As we pick up the story, reluctant vampire Kat Redding (aka Lady Death) has left behind her friends, allies, and job as a vampire/werewolf hunter, and fled to the small town of Delai where she hoped to find solace and retirement from the job that has brought her nothing but heartache, misery, and enemies coming out of the woodwork.

In the past two books, Moore has held secrets of not only Delai, but of Levi and why he seems to be smitten with Kat, close to his chest. He leaves readers minds to wander wondering why this town just happens to appear to Kat when she needs it the most. When you are finally given the real story behind the town, it’s like a light bulb goes off in your head. Pop…Of course! How did we not pick up on that fact? How could we neglect the fact that Levi’s wife and adopted daughter seemed to be hiding things from Kat and anxious for her to leave? How can we believe that Levi has anything but good intentions towards Kat and not an ulterior motive?

Ah, but Moore has a few other naughty surprises in store for his readers as well. There’s the fact that Kat owes the demon Beligral a favor that she can’t get out from underneath if she doesn’t return home. On top of this, everyone believed that she was dead for the past 3 months, and there are repercussions for being gone for so long. She is being hounded by a vampire countess who believes that Kat killed her lover and expects a whole lot in return for not killing Kat’s friends including Ethan. Then, there is the egomaniac werewolf Adrian who demands that Kat come and visit him for her own good and leaves Kat wondering about her future. If you believe that Beligral is finished using Kat, you are sadly mistaken!

E.S. Moore’s Kat Redding series is a cross between Urban Fantasy and Dystopian. There is a profound feeling of dread and darkness in this series. The so called humans, or Purebreeds, live next to vampires, and werewolves who make their lives absolutely impossible to live without giving up something in return. You have a heroine who may or may not be one of the darkest heroines you will find in these genres and loves to shoot and stab things like they’re coming out of the woodwork. She finds herself questioning each and every move she makes, and the people she comes in contact with.

Overall, a really dark addition to the series with plenty of twists, and betrayal that will leave you coming back for more. As for me, I will be keeping a keen eye out for the next installment to find out what happens next!

Title - Blessed by a Demon's Mark
Author - E.S. Moore
Publisher - Kensington
Genre - Urban Fantasy/Dystopian
Releases December 31, 2012

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  1. I'm so glad tou enjoyed this one as well. Can't wait for more now.