Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review - Dead Wolf by Tim O'Rourke

I've now read each and every book in the Kiera Hudson series (both incarnations) and look forward to when Tim wraps up his series in the months ahead. The second installment has been, mostly, an enlightened journey into discovery about each of the secondary characters like Potter, Isidor, and now Murphy.

This is a strange world the characters now live in. It's been pushed so that Lycanthropes are in an uneasy alliance with humans which now, thanks to Kiera and group, has been broken. Yet, we also find out that there may or may not be several different time lines and layers to the world which leaves questions whether or not anyone can truly die for good. We also know that Kiera has some sort of destiny that is still waiting to be played out.

Ever since Kiera and gang were brought back to life, they've been on the run, attacked by the Lycans including Jack Seth, and learned valuable lessons about each of the characters backgrounds. For Kiera, the last year has been a painful one in that she’s been imprisoned, beaten, attacked, hooked on blood, murdered and told she had to choose between races and now she’s paying the price for not making that choice. She’s also learned that she’s not what she thought she was, and now has to determine where that leaves her in the general scheme of things.

Dead Wolf is a surprising addition to this series. It flip flops between Kiera and Murphy, with readers learning pretty much everything there is to know about Sergeant James Murphy, including where he got his comfy slippers from and the fact that he in love with someone that was supposed to be forbidden by the Elders. We also, if we are to believe Jack Seth, get the identity of the mysterious photographer who seems to appear out of nowhere at the most opportune times. It seems only fair that we have a Murphy installment after reading about Jack Seth's story in Dead Seth.

Once again, we get to witness the banter between Potter and Murphy thanks to Kayla, Sam and Murphy’s timely rescue of Potter from the Lycans.

“In the future, will you do us all a big favour?” 

“What’s that,” Potter winced, still holding his sides. 

“If one of these wolves ever tries to sell you a talking parrot, check to see that there isn’t a tape recorder stuffed up its freaking arse!” 

Dead Wolf will make readers understand why Murphy is so protective of Kiera and why his actions, while wrong on so many levels, were the only ones that made any sense. We also get a nice scene in which Vampyre Burton shows Murphy and his love the movie Wizard of Oz. I’m still waiting to see why there are so many CREEPY STATUES following Kiera and gang around and what happened to Kayla and Sam!

Now, onward and upward to Dead Waters, and then Dead End! 

Author - Tim O'Rourke
Title - Dead Wolf (Kiera Hudson Series Two)
Released - December 2012
Genre - Horror, Urban Fantasy

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