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Review - Opal by Jennifer L Armentrout (Lux # 3)

There are some days, like today, that I have trouble trying to put into words the things my demented little brain thinks of. The questions I ask myself after reading each and every book are the following: Did I actually enjoy the story I just read? Was the world building a plus or minus in regards to enhancing the story? Were the characters actually fun to read about or annoying as a migraine headache that just won’t go the hell away? Did the author actually improve on the series with the release of this particular book, or did she just totally jump the fracking shark like LKH? Lastly, will I continue to read this series, or abandon it like my Madonna clothes and jewelry?

For the most part, this story/series is about the relationship between Katy and Daemon Black. The subterfuge/tertiary story is that the DOD is in the background preying like a mantis on the Luxens and human hybrids wanting to get their grubby little paws on them and use them for their nefarious schemes. And, let’s not forget the scummy evil little bastards called the Arum or we will be remiss in our duties as reviewers/readers. Let’s also not forget that Dawson has found a way back home to Daemon and Dee but still longs to reunite with Beth who has been kept under guard by the DOD/Daedalus.

Don’t get me wrong, the background is probably just as important as the relationship between Daemon and Katy. Probably even more so now that we’ve been hit upside the head with a major cliffhanger that left me reeling and screaming like a wild banshee. The background also includes Katy’s experiences as a senior in High School with her small group of friends and her future decision on where she will spend the next four years if she lives to see the end of the series.

But, seriously who really picks up a series like this and thinks, “OH HELL YEAH! THE DOD IS COMING!!!” Surely you are out of your cotton picking mind if you think that way. No, we pick up this series/book because we know that eventually JLA will give us something awesome and spectacular in regards to…..SEX! Opal doesn’t disappoint in that regards. In fact, this book actually is an improvement over Opal and Obsidian in a major way.

For me, Opal improves on my ability to like Katy. She has grown up in a big way. She has found herself forever altered thanks to Daemon’s intervention in saving her life time and time again and the fact that Daemon doesn’t stray away from her with anyone else. She’s slowly learning about her new abilities and doesn’t skirt away from fights with their nemeses including Blake and Will. Her relationship with Daemon--while not always smooth or fun to read about--has come a very long way to the point where they actually discuss and plan out what they want. Oh and yes, I actually found the sex scene not overly dramatic or silly. Katy’s relationships with Dee and her mother are also important aspects of what is going through Katy’s head as she tries to survive another day.

So, this book left me wondering what the hell just happened and what is wrong with JLA for leaving most of the bad guys running around fee and loose causing all sorts of problems and wreaking havoc on Katy and crew. I guess in a good way JLA left a HUGE cliffhanger so that readers of this series will now have to rush out and purchase Origin when it releases in July 2013. On top of that, the news is that the next book is from both Daemon’s and Katy’s prospective which I’m not surprised especially with the way this book ends! Then again, anyone who has read JLA’s Covenant series shouldn’t be surprised that she left us with such a shocking and devastating ending to this book.

So, in answer to my own questions, yes I did enjoy the story and the world building. The characters, including the addition of Dawson, kept me interested right till the very last sentence of this book. Yes, JLA improved on her own series with stifling acts of betrayal and a major dagger to the heart with the ending of this book. Yes, I will continue to read this series until the last book is released next year because I want to know who will remain standing and who will fall by the wayside.

Title - Opal (Lux # 3)
Author - Jennifer L Armentrout
Publisher - Entangled Publishing
Genre - YA Paranormal
Releases - December 11, 2012

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