Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Post - Read this F@I%ing Book by Christen @ Goldilox & the Three Weres

Welcome back to my 2nd Blogging Anniversary Week!

Today, Christen from @Goldilox and the Three Were's is here is her usual Monday feature!
Enjoy! By the way, I totally concur with Christen's choice this week! I absolutely love this
trilogy and can't wait until book # 3 comes out next year!

As an incentive to read this series, Christen and I are giving away the first book
 two books in the series to a random commenter below! 

Read This F@!%ing Book!
This is a feature for me to push my favorite reads that just aren't getting enough attention! 

I'm also opening it up to anyone who would like to guest post. Do you have a book that you just LURVED but feel like its not getting the play it deserves? Email me to let me know and I'd be THRILLED to have you post about it here! Especially if its something I haven't reviewed yet - that's even better (but not necessary)! If you're interested email me:

Read This F@!%ing Book Post 14: The Celestial Blues Series
(Click cover for Goodreads)
The Taken (Celestial Blues, #1) The Lost (Celestial Blues, #2)

(Click title for Amazon)

Why I'm pushing it:
With the author's other paranormal series, Signs of the Zodiac, seeming to be more popular, I really want readers to check out this awesome and different paranormal series, Celestial Blues. This one is dark and gritty, with a noir feel. Crime solving and romance are mixed in with angel mythology in a very fresh and unique way I've never seen before and the first two books in this trilogy are really worth checking out while waiting for the final book to come out next year!

Why I love it: 
There's just nothing like this series out there right now. Griffin Shaw is a man killed in the fifties and fully embodying that era while stuck 'living' in the present day as an angel in a human body. Kit is a journalist who is pinup-beautiful and obsessed with fifties' rockabilly style. Together they solve gruesome crimes and fall in love, while Griff secretly tries to solve his and his wife's murder almost sixty years ago. There are so many layers to this series and the darkness of the subject matter mixed with Griff and Kit's love story is really amazing!

These books have some serious style! Griff's style is hard-boiled, no nonsense, I-wear-a-hat-in-the-shadows. And Kit has pinned back, hairstylist set hair and dresses with cherries and swing skirts - GEEZ can I steal from her closet!? You really feel fully immersed in this world while reading and you get a sense of nostalgia even if you weren't alive in the fifties! 

Have you read this book?
Did I persuade you to add it to your TBR mountain?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Awesome post lol thanks for sharing

  2. I have not started this series yet, but it is on my TBR pile.
    It sounds like an amazing series!!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  3. I've been wanting to read this series, but haven't gotten around to it.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  4. I read The Taken. I was left a bit turned off but I want to read book 2 just to see how it is. Jepeb AT verizon DOT net

  5. I read the first book (and all the Zodiac books)and I was not a fan. I have a hard time connecting or caring about any of the characters. I do agree the set up for The Taken is different, but I found it a chore to finish. Like Jen B., I may give The Lost a try if my library has a copy.

  6. These books sound really interesting and I just added them to my wish list! I am interested in several aspects and books with a noir aspect would definitely be unique among what I'm currently reading right now!