Monday, July 15, 2013

Gizmos Reviews - 15 Day Blogging Challenge Day # 6 - Describe How You Shop For Books:

Welcome once again to the 15 day Book Blogger Challenge!

Today's challenge is to Describe How You Shop For Books:

I will be totally honest, I don't purchase that many books. When I do, however, I usually wait for them to be on sale via Amazon like say .99, to $2.99 range. I won't purchase any E-book that are over $10.00. Especially if a Mass Market Paperback is available for less.

With Barnes & Noble closing the store nearest to me, and moving further away from me, I just haven't found the desire to travel 10-15 miles away to purchase a book. I rely on my local library a lot for my choices in reading material. Why spend money when you can get them free?

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