Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gizmos Reviews 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 2

Hello my awesome followers & guest visitors!

Thanks to April over at Good Books Good Wine who created this stellar challenge! You can learn more about it here

Today's Challenge:
What's your bedtime reading ritual?

Mine are pretty non-specific actually. I "normally" go to bed between midnight and 1 am depending on whether or not I have a post that needs to be fixed, or lined. I usually read until my eyes droop before stopping. Then I get up my from my lounger and by that time my little annoyance of a cat is wide awake and wants to play and attack me. After chasing him around for awhile, I brush my teeth and hop into bed without my Kindle because I'm always afraid I will roll over and crush it. That would be a total shame. 

What are your rituats?


  1. I would rather be up all night and sleep during the day, but since that can't happen, I go to bed around 2 to 3 AM or when I can put whatever book I am reading down.

    1. I used to do the same thing. Stay up until all hours of the night, then sleep until noon. Now, I'm lucky I don't go to bed earlier in the night!

  2. I usually try to read myself to sleep. Before I moved out of my apartment, I kept a bedstand book by my side.

    I love these questions!