Tuesday, August 20, 2013

*Archive Review* Blood Fever (The Watchers #3) by Veronica Wolff

17 year old Annelise Drew, or Acari Drew as she is called on the Isle of Night, has some serious problems that she needs to resolve. The first issue is her growing emotional attachment and connection to Carden McCloud the Scottish vampire she helped rescue on her away mission. (If you haven't read Vampire's Kiss, you really should before you read this book.)

Carden and Drew's connection is not something she can hide from even though she tries. It's also a dangerous proposition if anyone, including the demented, psychotic vampire Hugo Alcantara, finds out she's bound herself to a vampire who is not him which is against everything she's been told.

Alcantara is a vampire who gets what he wants, and what he wants is Drew at the expense of anyone else including Carden, and Drew's best friend Emma. Drew also has to keep up her emotions hidden from Tracker Ronan who has become a friend to her and has protected her from unpleasantries on the Isle. Ronan understands the dangers facing Drew and tries hard to get her to understand how dangerous her position on the Isle really is.

The second issue is that a rogue vampire is killing off Trackers, Watchers, and Acari indiscriminately and perhaps with encouragement from someone in the Directorate. Naturally, Drew and Carden are prime targets for blame since they both have a plethora of enemies. Truth be told, Drew isn't very popular because of her attitude and her belief that she is much more powerful and intelligent than anyone else on the Isle. So, in lieu of any semblance of reasoning or her own safety, Drew plays CSI and tries to figure out who the killer really is before he comes after her.

Ming-Lei Ho enters the story as Drew's new roommate, and I immediately found her story compelling and cheered for her to help Drew or escape the Isle while taking some vampires with her. Ming=Lei has a unique ability as well, which I won't spoil for you. Let's just say that it comes in handy whenever certain characters are trying to harm her, or Drew which is pretty much all the time.

The romance between Carden and Drew has moved to another level and I hope that the author will explore what it means in the next book. Unfortunately, a character who I really liked falls by the wayside and Drew is blamed and punished. I wasn't all that surprised that it would happen this quickly. One can only hope that Wolff gives us closure in regards to this character and that it doesn't take too long to expose Alcantara for the psycho he really is.

Blood Fever was an interesting story with  and I will definitely be looking forward to continue reading the series when The Keep releases June 2013.

Published August 7th 2012 by NAL Trade

Author - Veronica Wolff
Title - Blood Fever (The Watchers # 3)
Published by NAL Trade
Released August 7, 2012
Genre - YA Paranormal

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