Thursday, October 17, 2013

*Review* First Bite (Dark Wolf #1) by Dani Harper

Geneva "Neva" Ross truly believes that she will turn into a monster and end up harming those that she loves as well as other innocent humans just like her sadistic maker Meredith de la Ronde and the rest of her forcibly changed pack that continually breaks Changeling rules without a care. She believes that the only way to prevent that from happening and from becoming a monster, is to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. 

Travis Williamson is a loner Changeling who just happens to be in the neighborhood when Neva takes her leap of fate and someone manages to save her and teach her that she can overcome challenges and not be like her demented sire. Travis also has a stormy path that has lead him to be an loner for many years and is absolutely stunned to learn that his wolf may have a connection to this lost soul. 

Meredith de la Ronde is probably one of the more power hungry female antagonists that has come around recently. She really doesn't have a care in the world who she uses, abuses, kills, and turns into a changeling without thinking about the consequences of her actions. The worse part of her entire being is that she's also Neva's sister who forcibly changes her against her will and believes that Neva is key to her overall advances with dark magic.

First Bite is the first novel in a new series (Dark Wolf) by Dani Harper who is a new author to me and I was happy to request and be approved for this title via NetGalley. It is an interesting story that combines black magic and what it means to be a Changeling and not a werewolf which we've all pretty much come to consider when thinking about someone changed from human to a wolf. 

After an interesting beginning and a rough middle, I've actually come to like both characters and wouldn't necessarily change anything although I would perhaps like to understand more about Meredith and her reasons behind forcibly changing people into changelings. Neva quickly learns the ropes of what it means to be a changeling thanks to Travis who ends up being more than a little protective in keeping her alive and away from doing anything drastic. Travis is also a character that you will love for the way he actually seems to care for Neva in a way he hasn't cared for anyone in a very long time.

There are other characters like Baker, Riley, Nathan, Sonje, and Dr. Zarita who play different roles throughout the story and it will be interesting whether or not, in the end, they really matter, or if this will continue to center around Neva and Travis's new found romance, and hot sex, and whether or not they have the ability to stop Meredith in her tracks. We shall see. 

Author - Dani Harper
Title - First Bite (Dark Wolf # 1)
Publisher - Montlake Romance
Released - October 15, 2013
Recvd via NetGalley

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