Sunday, October 27, 2013

*Review* United We Spy (Gallagher Girls, #6) by Ally Carter

The Gallagher Girls series exits stage left with one final installment called United We Spy. Cammie Morgan and friends Bex Baxter, Liz Sutton, Macey McHenry, and spy boyfriend Zachary Goode have one last mission to solve before they move on and that is to find the leadership of the Circle of Cavan and put a stop to them before they create a maelstrom of trouble. The most troublesome member of the Circle just happens to be Zach's own mother Catherine but there are a few more secrets yet to be exposed.

Cammie has gone through a series of unexpected challenges and adjustments over the course of this series. She's been kidnapped, tortured, shot, had her memories removed, and learned that her father really is gone. She's had to do a self realization that she can't stay at the Gallagher School forever.

I think United We Spy shows Cammie's awareness that the real world is not just going to sit back and wait for her to make up her mind on what she's going to do in the future. She's also had to find a way to deal with the fact that she's a leader whether she likes it or not and people count on her judgment and her abilities. The one positive aspect that has NEVER changed in this series is the remarkable presence of Cammie's own mother Rachel Morgan in each and every single book and not just a fated presence that eventually dies, or is barely there. She's one of the strongest parental units that I've read about and she carries her own weight as well.

I will say that I am absolutely okay that Carter didn't write Josh back into the storyline for a sense of responsibility to readers. While I liked Josh in the beginning, he's definitely not Zach. I liked also how Carter did a minor mind blowing revelation in regards to Zach and who his real father is. If you have read this series, then you know that there was another possibility that I think Zach was really hoping would prove true.

I will say that the ending speak by Liz was really well done. What is a Gallagher Girl speech had me clutching at my heart because it was perfectly said. I would have liked to see the girls maybe go on on final hurrah together before moving on separately with their own lives and careers. One could presume that Bex and Cammie would remain best friends even though they have their own lives and goals now. 

When it comes to HEA, I would have been absolutely shocked and dismayed had Carter not given Rachel Morgan and Joe Solomon theirs. From the first book onward, you knew this was most likely in the cards, and I didn't raise any objections or read flags especially as time progressed and you just knew that they had chemistry but Rachel holding off for factual verification of Cammie's dad's fate. It is what it is, and there is no changing it. That is the same way I feel about Aunt Abby and Agent Townsend. 

In the end, Gallagher Girls will go down as the series that was read from start to finish over the course of 6 months. It is the first series that I've actually had the opportunity to go to the library and pick up each book and read them. United We Spy is a quick and action filled book that I am sure readers will love.

Author - Ally Carter
Title - United We Spy
Publisher - Disney-Hyperion
Released - September 17, 2013
Genre - Young Adult

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  1. Great review! I don't usually like books with love triangles at all, but I think I may read this one day. :)

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