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*Review* Sworn To Transfer (Courtlight #2) by Terah Edun

Sworn to Transfer is the second novel in the Courtlight series. 18-year old Ciardis Weathervane is an orphan who once was a laundry maid, and is now a Companion trainee who apparently is the last Weathervane in existence since nobody knows what really happened to her mother.

She has already seen more than her fair share of trouble and difficult situations and people trying to kill her because of who she is and her ability to see others magics and increase it. Just when you thought the court intrigue was slacking a bit to give Ciardis a breath of fresh air, she once again finds herself at the center of controversy and adversaries are coming out of the woodwork to either kill her, help train her, save her, and she ends up in the middle of things she just doesn't understand.

Often times with high fantasy, you end up getting a build up of massive characters added to the story that may or may not be around until the end of the series. In Sworn to Transfer, Ciardis meets a whole new cast of characters like Dragon Ambassador Sedoris who has made Ciardis a focal point for her actions. Maree Amber head of the Companions Council and also a member/leader of the Shadow Council which also has their eyes out on Ciardis. Needless to say the list goes on including a possible brother that she had no idea existed and was kept from her for reasons that still elude me. We are also introduced to the Kith who suffer greatly thanks to the antagonist and his ilk.

Ciardis has basically made herself a protector/companion to the Prince Heir, Sebastian, trying to keep people from killing him before he has a chance to rule Algardis. I will say this for Ciardis, she means well. She clearly is an untrained and innocent mage who has been tossed into a world she doesn't care for but is doing her best to survive against all odds.

As such, she makes terrible mistakes, gets involved in things she should avoid like the plague, ends up making enemies out of people she should be avoiding at all costs, and doesn't understand the power she has at her fingertips because she doesn't push or prod anyone into helping her improve on her abilities, or make her stronger in order to survive against numerous attempts to kill her.

Sworn To Transfer is NOT strictly told in the POV of Ciardis. There is a whole cast of characters that we get to see from their POV. We are introduced to several members of the Shadow Council, including Stephanie Copier (Transfer) and Christian Somner. The Shadow Council obviously has an agenda when it comes to Ciardis and her abilities and it will be interesting to see where Terah takes the story from this point onward. 

One of the biggest moments in Sworn to Transfer is Ciardis's realization that not everyone who she cares for has her best interests at heart. The fact that they kept her brother a secret for 18 years just proves that Ciardis needs to be careful of whom she trusts including Sebastian and Terris.

*Recvd via NetGalley* Published September 17th 2013

Author - Terah Edun
Title - Sworn To Transfer (Courtlight # 2)
Publisher - CreateSpace
Genre - Fantasy
Released - September 17, 2013

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