Thursday, January 2, 2014

*Early Review* Black Arts (Jane Yellowrock #7) by Faith Hunter

*My Thoughts*

The release of Black Arts brings with it multiple story lines that leaves our heroine Jane Yellowrock trying to piece together a nearly unsolvable puzzle before it is too late for her best friend Molly Everhart Trueblood. When Evan Trueblood nearly blows down Jane's front door with his air magic looking for Molly, and two employees of Katie's (Leo's second and heir) disappear, it is the start of a variety of challenges, and revelations that have been waiting to come to light for awhile now. 

If you are a series regular, then you know that Jane and Molly have had a rough go of it ever since Jane was responsible for killing her sister Evangelina (see Raven Cursed for more information). The fact is that Jane has also been forced to face the music for her actions not only in her psyche, but in the court of public opinion as well. Jane is one of the strongest characters you will read about, but at times, she questions almost everything she does and often wonders if she is truly a good person, or bad, and it takes her awhile to solve things that are right in front of her.

I will say this about Black Arts, it's not a boring story that's for sure. Jane discovers more about herself and her connection to Beast than any previous installment. She makes choices based on help from Aggie One Feather who has had some recent issues with Jane. Her secret that she's a skinwalker has been exposed to the supernatural community, and her relationship with Leo takes on an interesting turn of events that I am inquisitive and concerned about. Along with a new villain who comes calling on Leo, there are tons of other interesting situations making their way for New Orleans and Leo's territories. So many that I won't spoil them for you. I will just say, read the book!

Although most of the questions in Black Arts are solved, there are a few that are left open ended, and I am eagerly anticipating the next installments release to see where Jane's relationship with Leo, Rick, Bruiser, and Kate heads. There is also important questions about Evan and Molly's daughter Angie that should be fun to discover in future installments as well. I am still happy that Hunter added the Younger brothers (Eli and Alex) to the mix. They are definitely strong characters who add a bit of humor and family ties to Jane's life. 

I've read on Faith's Facebook page that the next installment will be called Broken Soul and releases sometime in November of 2014. This was posted on 12/23/2013. Can't wait to see what Jane and gang are tasked with next! 

*Recvd 12/05/2013 via NetGalley* Expected publication: January 7th 2014 (first published 2014) __Black Arts Blog Tour Stop @ Gizmos Reviews on January 1, 2014.

Author - Faith Hunter
Title - Black Arts (Jane Yellowrock # 7)
Publisher - ROC
Released - January 7, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Received via NetGalley from Publisher

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