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*Early Review* The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co. #2) by Lynn Viehl

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I became a fan of Lynn Viehl's writing after reading Disenchanted & Co. and was pleasantly pleased when Pocket Books sent me a copy of The Clockwork Wolf, Disenchanted & Co. #2. The world of Disenchanted & Co is set in an alternative reality steampunk United States called Toriana (The Provincial Union of Victoriana). It is a world where the original Thirteen colonies lost the War of Independence from England and remains a part of the British Empire who treated them as traitors for nearly three decades.

Charmian “Kit” Kittredge, who lives in the city Rumsen (San Francisco in our world), is the main protagonist of this series. She has gone from being a non-believer in magic because her parents were both scientists, to understanding that she's rather special when it comes to her heritage and the fact that magic has no affect on her. Kit's business, Disenchanted & Co., makes its bread and butter by proving or disproving the existence of magical crimes. Kit's road to success hasn't exactly been an easy one especially since there are still those who truly want to see Kit run out of town with her tail between her legs and nearly succeeded in destroying her when she arrived in town 8 years before.

Once again, Viehl's world and character building are the highlights of The Clockwork Wolf along with a a twisted romance that I love to call a "3 way I can't make up my mind on which man I really want since they are both genuinely in love with me!" Kit, I think, prefers to remain single and therefore has the ability to control her my own life if the men in it would just respect her enough to back up and respect her choices! I am, of course, referring to the deathmage Lord Lucien Dredmore and New Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Tom Doyle who grew up with Kit.  

I must respectfully repeat myself from the first installment's review in that I adore Kit. I love her tenacity, her strength, her whit, her desire to become successful despite living in a male dominated society where women have no rights whatsoever, including the inability to drive herself anywhere, and can be put in prison or claimed by those on the Hill (Rich people) without any consequences.

I love the fact that she has reliable friends in Bridget Duluc, Carina Eagle, Docket, and of course, her own grandfather Harry who watches over her, and is also her business partner. I think that with Kit's actions in The Clockwork Wolf, things may be heading for a brighter future for her. I sincerely hope that Viehl's takes Kit's desires and hopes and dreams in to account for the next installment since there was a bit of head scratching going on in the end and a major decision dumped into Kit's lap.

If you love steampunk, mixed with an urban fantasy feel to it, then please consider reading this series. I believe that this series is definitely worth the time and effort to read it, and I think more readers who do will come to fall in love with Kit and friends as much as I do. Do I have to say that there is definitely romance and ::gasp:: SEX involved as well?

Author - Lynn Viehl
Title - The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co. # 2)
Published by Pocket Books
Released: February 25, 2014
Genre - Steampunk, Urban Fantasy
Received via Pocket Books

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