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*Gizmos Review* Review of Three (Article 5 #3) by Kristen Simmons


Ember Miller and Chase Jennings are ready to stop running. After weeks spent in hiding as two of the Bureau of Reformation’s most wanted criminals, they have finally arrived at the safe house, where they hope to live a safe and quiet existence.

And all that’s left is smoking ruins.

Devastated by the demolition of their last hope, Ember and Chase follow the only thing left to them—tracks leading away from the wreckage. The only sign that there may have been survivors.

With their high profile, they know they can’t stay out in the open for long. They take shelter in the wilderness and amidst the ruins of abandoned cities as they follow the tracks down the coast, eventually finding refugees from the destroyed safe house. Among them is someone from Chase’s past—someone he never thought he’d see again.

Banding together, they search for a place to hide, aiming for a settlement a few of them have heard about…a settlement that is rumored to house the nebulous organization known as Three. The very group that has provided Ember with a tiny ray of hope ever since she was first forced on the run.

Three is responsible for the huge network of underground safe houses and resistance groups across the country. And they may offer Ember her only chance at telling the world her story.

At fighting back

*My Thoughts*

"When a government becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government." 

I absolutely must admit that I held out longer than I expected in reading this book even though some of my favorite reviewers have raved about Three. Even though Tor Teen kindly allowed me access to this title back in December, I have had a few roadblocks in finally picking up this story and reading it through to the end.

You see gentle readers, I have not had the best luck when it comes to the final story of trilogies, or series in general. The lack of finality, the way characters were killed off, the way characters ending up losing their memories and flashing ahead 10 years in advance and presuming that the main characters would finally get together. I am a demanding reviewer/reader who really does like things tied up into a nice little bow, and given to me like it was my birthday. I don't like WHAT IF's and let us presume that..... UH no!

But, lo and behold Three came to my rescue and has given me hope that I can once again read and enjoy final installments without feeling let down, or going on a rant and rave for days on end. Thank you Kristen Simmons for writing this trilogy and giving me everything that I expect. You have mysterious characters, romance that grows even stronger, suspense at whether or not your favorite characters will survive, action that isn't lame or boring, and surprising characters who show up and change the course of the story in a way that leaves you wondering if they are good guys or bad buys. 

The final installment of Article 5, Three, picks up right where Breaking Point left off. Ember Miller, Chase Jennings, Billy, Sean, Rebecca, and other survivors find themselves searching for a place to lay low and settle down after their safe house was obliterated by the FBR and Moral Militia. One of the mysteries of this series has always been, who is the mysterious THREE, and where has this person, or persons been and what do they have in store for the FBR, and MM as well as Chase and Ember who have become more than a thorn in the side of the FBR and MM with their actions? 

What readers expect from Simmons is more of Ember and Chase. More character growth. More Ember finally growing up and not letting Chase pick up the pieces after she rushes headstrong into dangerous situations where she needs rescuing. I think Simmons does a fairly decent job on this front. I like Ember. I like the fact that she's accepted who she is and what is expected from her and goes even further in her determination to finally beat the FBR at their own game. I loved the fact that the romance between Ember and Chase has peeked to the point where you knew that if they survived the onslaught they were facing, then everything was going to be just fine.

I loved how Simmons threw in a few surprises like the identity of Three, and someone from Chase's background that he didn't think he would ever see again. I like how characters presumed to be out of the picture, made their way back in surprising ways. I think one of the best things about Three was that even though Ember and Chase are the main characters, Sean, Rebecca, Billy, and others are not left out of the loop.

The only reason I did not rate this higher, and it's nit picking on my part, but I would have loved to had a POV from Chase when the story reaches a certain crescendo and he faces his mortality. I think it would have added a bit of spicy and intrigue to he story. 

Thank you Netgalley & Tor Teen for allowing me to read and review this book. No monies changed hands during the course of this transaction. I review out of love and the enjoyment of reading!

Author - Kristen Simmons
Title - Three (Article 5 # 3)
Published by Tor Teen
Released: February 11, 2014
Genre: Dystopian
Received via NetGalley & Publisher

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