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*Review* Thornhill (Hemlock #2) by Kathleen Peacock

*My Thoughts*

"Something is coming, Mac. It's not over." Amy

The Hemlock series is told in a world where the government sends anyone who has been infected with the Lupine Syndrome to various rehabilitation camps around the country where they kept without any hope of being released to protect others from being exposed to the epidemic. 

Unlike other werewolf novels, you have to have been scratched or bitten by a nearly or fully transitioned wolf before being infected. Unlike other werewolf novels, Peacock goes inside a camp called Thornhill and exposes what those who are sent there are put through on a daily basis.

Thornhill picks up almost immediately after the end of Hemlock. Kyle, who has been infected with the Lupine Syndrome, has decided to leave Hemlock behind so that he doesn't infect anyone he cares for including MacKenzie (Mac), and his family. Mac goes on a journey from Hemlock, a place where she's lived for the past 3 years, to Denver in order to find Kyle and stop him from doing something stupid that will get him caged in a Rehab Center. 

Alongside Mac on her journey is Amy's former boyfriend Jason Sheffield who joined the Trackers but didn't fully complete his initiation because he may or may not love Mac, and Serena Carson a spunky and determined werewolf in her own right. Mac's plight takes her into the core of Thornhill's Rehabilitation camp after She, Kyle, Serena, and a new character named Eve, are rounded up in a raid on a local werewolf hangout run by someone Mac hasn't seen in over 3 years.

As the only "Reg" in the entire camp, Mac literally puts her life and her future at risk and on the line when she refuses to announce that she's not one of the 3,000 wolves who are infected so that she can try and find a way to rescue Kyle and Serena who she talked into coming to Denver with her and find out what is really going on behind the scene at these camps.

Thornhill once again shows that Mac is a determined, stubborn, and loyal friend to Kyle, Jason, and Serena but still makes some interesting albeit dangerous choices which puts her in harms way. She meets the one person who turned his back on her, and learns the real reason why. I believe this meeting made Mac think differently about the past 3 years plus she's spent with Tess and how she ended up at this point in her life.

I have a hard time with Love Triangles and Thornhill is no exception. Both Kyle and Jason are, at times, hard to like because they make some choices that take their toll on Mac who feels obligated to save them from themselves. Yet, both would most likely bend over backwards in an effort to ensure that Mac is protected and not left in particularly dangerous situations. While Kyle is running away from his problems, Jason tends to drown his in alcohol. I also realize that Mac, Amy, Kyle, and Jason were nearly inseparable until Amy's death, and all need time to grieve in their own ways. 

"Things are about to get so interesting." Amy

Mac is still dealing with the ghost of Amy who apparently has some major insights into things that are to come in the future and refuses to move on until she has her say and makes Mac see the light. No matter what we feel about Amy at this point, her continued participation must be important, or, Peacock would have not allowed her so much story time in Thornhill.

In the end, Thornhill dives into the darkness of the governments attempt to corral what they consider to be an out of control epidemic affecting teens. Mac's choices, while not what one would consider smart, were brave and honorable nonetheless. She can't just stand by and watch friends left behind where they might die. She has to do something or what is the point of living? I am eager to read the third installment in this series, and can't wait for the title announcement and synopsis! 

Author - Kathleen Peacock
Title - Thornhill (Hemlock # 2)
Published by Katherine Tegen Books
Released: September 10, 2013
Genre - YA Paranormal
Borrowed via Library

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