Tuesday, March 18, 2014

*Gizmos Reviews* Top Ten Books On My Spring 2014 TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic and we all share our thoughts on that topic! I decided it was finally time to jump on board with this wicked fun meme!

For this week on Top Ten Tuesday, the topic is:

Top 10 Books On My Spring 2014 TBR List
***Spring being March 21, through June 20, 2014***

I would like to say that this list COULD go on and on and on since there are tons of awesome books coming out this Spring! I am just picking out the 10 that I either already have, or will be begging for soon!

1. The Forever Song, Julie Kagawa, releases April 15, 2014

2. Dorothy Must Die, Danielle Paige, releases April 01, 2014

3. Frozen, Erin Bowman, releases April 15, 2014

4. The Given, Vicki Pettersson, releases May 27, 2014

5. Banishing the Dark, Jenn Bennett, releases May 27, 2014

6. Against the Dawn, Amanda Bonilla, May 20, 2014

7. House of the Rising Sun, Kristen Painter, May 13, 2014

8. Ruin and Rising, Leigh Bardugo, releases June 17, 2014

9. Graduation Day, Joelle Charbonneau, releases June 17, 2014

10. The Murder Complex, Lindsay Cummings, releases June 10, 2014


  1. I'm really excited for Dorothy Must Die, but I have incredibly high hopes. I hope it can meet my expectations. The Murder Complex! I'm really excited for this on. I actually put in a request for it today, so fingers crossed!!

    Here's My Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. I recently read Shadow and Bone and I love it! I can't wait to read the others. Hope you get to read these books and here's my Top Ten Tuesday

  3. Dorothy Must Die is totally on my list too! I can't wait to read it!
    My TTT

  4. Ruin and Rising and Graduation Day are both on my list! Looks like I really need to check out Dorothy Must Die, though. Everyone seems to be talking about it! Great list - good luck with all of them!

    Amanda @ i solemnly swear

  5. I really need to read The Eternity Cure so i can catch up with everyone and read The Forever Song!

    ★ Under The Mountain's TTT ★

  6. Eeeee Banishing the Dark! I have zero patience and therefore could not wait but I hope you enjoy it! Crazy excited for Ruin and Rising as well.

  7. I couldn't wait to read Banishing the Dark either and I was slightly disappointed actually. I need someone to talk to about this book stat! ;)

    Christal @ Badass Book Reviews

  8. I can't believe Ruin and Rising missed my list! I totally forgot about it. How? I have no clue! I saw another blogger comment about how The Murder Complex was so good so I've added it to my TBR list but I probably won't get to it this spring! Happy reading!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  9. The Forever Song... Can't wait to read that one. I love Kagawa's books.

  10. June feels like forever away! Ruin and Rising is sitting on my Amazon wish list, just waiting. I'm so excited, I can't even begin!