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*Review* Let the Storms Break (Let the Sky Fall, #2) by Shannon Messenger

*My Thoughts*

Let the Storms Break picks up nearly a month after the end of Let the Sky Fall. Since that story ended things have progressed in an interesting direction. 17-year old Vane Weston is the last known westerly air elemental (sylph) and now he is the presumed leader of the Gale Force who are desperately trying hard to find a way to defeat the megalomaniac Raiden and his stormers before they destroy humanity. As Vane trains on how to be a guardian, he is also left wondering if Audra will ever come back to him.

17-year old Audra Eastend, in the meantime, is still bonded to Vane, but she's trying to sort through her life and the lies, and mistakes that left her questioning her ability to continue being a guardian to Vane. After giving up 10 years of her life in order to protect Vane, she still has to live with the taint of being the daughter of a murderer (Arella) and running away from her own responsibilities. Audra's new ability to call the westerlies is also moving in an exciting direction with some interesting possibilities. Audra's journey, including facing Raiden face to face, and meeting a mysterious character presumed long dead, was perhaps the more interesting of the couple in my humble opinion. 

Add Let the Storms Break to novels that leave readers hanging by a thread, wondering what in the hell is going to happen next. Although I must say, I did actually see, and predict that ending coming from a mile away. It had to happen exactly as it did or I would have truly believed I was losing my mind since certain events were being played out right before our eyes. Why else would a certain unnamed and mysterious character be introduced to the storyline and tell Audra an interesting revelation?

Of course, I still maintain that something just doesn't smell right. The whole addition of several new characters like Captain Osmund of the Gales, and Princess Solana the heir to the throne, and Vane's former betrothed, has me reaching for an itch that I can't quite reach yet. I am not a huge fan of love triangles, and truly don't believe this is the true meaning of one. However, it sure sent things into pandemonium when the 3 are in the same room together and feelings of betrayal and loss are felt through the pages. I don't think we've seen the last of this twisted relationship.

Once again, Messenger writes alternating POV chapters between Audra and Vane and the chapters are fairly short in length. In fact, had it not been for the whole sleeping issue, I would have finished this book in less than 4 hours. The story is not all that complex that you can't follow along with what Messenger is trying to put forward. 

The first appearance by Raiden was exactly what I was hoping for. If you are looking for a weak villain, look elsewhere. Raiden is by far the most evil and strongest character in this book, and he knows exactly what he wants unlike Vane who hesitates and jokes his way through life. Raiden's weapon are scary and devastating, and should make for an interesting plot for the next book. I don't think we've seen the last of his machinations either, and look forward to the next book for more fun!

Let the Storms Break is a mixture of science fiction, romance, action, and mystery and should keep readers of Let the Sky Fall happy right until the last chapters of the book.

**I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

Author - Shannon Messenger
Title - Let the Storms Break (Let the Sky Fall # 2)
Published by Simon Pulse
Released March 4, 2014
Genre - Young Adult, Science Fiction
Recvd via Edelweiss/Simon Pulse

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