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*Gizmos Book Reviews* Resurrection (Ripper, #3) by Amy Carol Reeves

**I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

*My Thoughts*

Resurrection is the final book in the Ripper trilogy. Arabella (Abbie) Sharp, along with her colleagues Dr. William Siddal, and Dr. Simon St. John, face off against their most difficult challenges to date. Max Bartlett better known as the Ripper, has joined forces with two historical figures in John Polidan and Lord Byron to create the undead, or the Resurrected, and they are terrorizing London's streets with no end in sight. It is challenge that Abbie, William, and Simon hope will be the final nail in the Conclave's coffin if everyone can just remain alive until Max is put down. 

If you haven't yet read this trilogy, I would suggest that you start from the beginning with Ripper so that you can watch as Abbie becomes a very SMART, determined, and strong heroine who doesn't back down from any challenges and can more than hold her own against Max and his ilk. Don't believe me? Read Ripper! Not only does Abbie worry about Max's machinations and permanently shutting down the Conclave, her feelings for William are on the line, and she is also trying to study for her entrance exam into the prestigious London School of Medicine for Women where she hopes to become a doctor.

Abby has had a difficult road since Ripper was released. She doesn't really know her own mother or why Max was obsessed with her. She was raised by her society maven Grandmother who tried to remove the taint of her Scottish upbringing, while also directing her to marry the RIGHT person. Abby has been an obsession of Max's since the beginning, and his desire to control, and to have her with him for eternity, is definitely stalkerish in nature. Their cat and mouse game drives this story. You just never know when Max is going to pop up and terrorize Abbie.

I have to say that I was a bit worried going into this book at how Reeves was going to wrap up her trilogy. There were more than a few storylines that needed to be wrapped up including Max and the Conclave. I was worried over Abbie's feelings for William, and her friendship with Simon which I felt was the person she SHOULD have been with especially after Renegade. 

I was worried when two additional villains were added to the story and proceeded to make everyone's life a living nightmare. I was worried when the Queen suddenly makes an appearance, and I was worried that Abbie would make the wrong and illogical choice in lovers, verses what is prudent.

I won't say how the story ends, but I will say that it dragged me down into the doldrums for awhile. I will also admit that I didn't necessarily agree with the need for the Epilogue. As far as I'm concerned, the story should have ended with the tumultuous and exciting battle to the death between Abbie and Max and whether or not Abbie survived and was able to become a doctor like she's always desired. 

Author - Amy Carol Reeves
Title - Resurrection (Ripper # 3)
Published by Flux Books
Released: April 8, 2014
Genre: Gothic, Historical Romance
Format: Ebook 360 pages

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